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Planned Parenthood Shares ‘Sex Is Hot’ Ads With Teen Girls

Planned Parenthood discourages abstinence among teens. This makes sense, considering that teen sex provides a portion of their customer-base in both the distribution of contraceptives and abortion.

It turns out that Facebook’s recently installed policy of allowing political ads only if the publishers provide identification and mailing addresses is proving beneficial to conservatives. Starting on May 7 of this year, political ads posted on Facebook or Instagram were stored in a searchable archive, and they will stay there for up to seven years. On that score, Planned Parenthood has some creepy skeletons in their closet.

According to Chris Martin at LifeWay Social, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) has promoted a petition blasting abstinence education that features a picture of a condom on a banana with a caption that reads “Sex is hot – bad sex ed is not.”

“Having sex? You deserve sex ed!” is another recurring tagline throughout the series. Analytical data shows that teenaged girls were the targeted demographic.

“Whatever you think about sex, sexual education, or Planned Parenthood, you should take notice at the audience receiving these ads,” Martin says. “Planned Parenthood is using Facebook ads to tell middle and high school students that ‘sex is hot.’”

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As noted by Chris Martin, the ads may have violated Facebook’s rules, which stipulate that all promotion of condoms must be purely based on their utilitarian function, not “sexual pleasure,” and cannot be directed toward children under 18.

“Despite those rules, Facebook’s ad system is somehow permitting an organization whose business model relies on young people being sexually active to deliver content that promotes sexual activity among people under the age of 18,” Martin says. “That’s a problem.”

LifeSiteNews reports that Facebook has bent the rules for political allies before.

“In March, former Obama for America media director Carol Davidsen revealed that Facebook allowed former President Barack Obama’s campaign to take users’ personal information because ‘they were on our side,'” they report. “The social media giant is one of several tech companies currently embroiled in an ongoing scandal over alleged discrimination against conservative users and groups.”