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Planned Parenthood Exec Turned Pro-Life Advocate Abby Johnson Challenges Alyssa Milano On Abortion

By  Amanda

On Friday, Planned Parenthood executive turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson challenged actress Alyssa Milano over her efforts to expand abortion, most recently in the state of Georgia.

Johnson, who wrote the memoir which the pro-life film “Unplanned” is based on, essentially told Milano and her “tiny bun” to go see the film or shut her mouth.

“I’m hoping that Alyssa Milano will muster up the courage to go see the “Unplanned” movie,” Johnson posted on Twitter, tagging the actress.

The fiery Texan added, “If you are willing to advocate for abortion, but unwilling to actually see what you support, then you and your tiny bun really have no relevancy in this conversation.”

To the shock of absolutely no one, Milano has yet to respond to Johnson, though the tweet has racked up close to 25,000 likes as of Saturday morning.

The former “Who’s the Boss” actress has made herself the face of a campaign to stop a pro-life bill in Georgia, H.B. 481, the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act, dubbed the “heartbeat bill.” The legislation, which is awaiting signature from Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA), will make it a crime to murder unborn children with a detectable heartbeat, which typically happens around six weeks gestation.

In a letter penned by Milano and signed by some 50 actors, Hollywood elites are threatening to boycott the state if the heartbeat bill passes.

“We can’t imagine being elected officials who had to say to their constituents, “I enacted a law that was so evil, it chased billions of dollars out of our state’s economy.” It’s not the most effective campaign slogan, but rest assured we’ll make it yours should it come to pass,” the letter threatens. “This is the precipice on which you stand.”

Johnson actually had a more direct reply to this on Facebook last week.

“You know, these actors who keep saying they are going to boycott certain states because they are trying to ban abortion…I just don’t believe them,” posted the pro-life advocate. “I mean, I wish they would just go ahead and do it. They said they were going to leave the country after Trump was elected and they are still flipping here. Just go away already! Stop getting our hopes up! And while they are at it, stay out of Texas, too.”

As stated on her website, Johnson spent eight years at the abortion mill, quickly rising through the ranks to become the company’s youngest clinic director at the time. She began to notice that “[a]bortion was a product Planned Parenthood was selling, not an unfortunate necessity they were fighting to decrease.” In October 2009, Johnson resigned after assisting with an ultrasound-guided abortion of a 13-week-old baby.

“At that moment, she fully realized what abortion actually was and what she had dedicated her life to,” says the site. “As it washed over Abby, a dramatic transformation had occurred. Desperate and confused, Abby sought help from a local pro-life group. She swore that she would begin to advocate for life in the womb and expose abortion for what it truly is.”

“Unplanned” has exploded at the box office despite large TV networks refusing to run the film’s ads, big tech censorship, and a controversial “R” rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Milano claims to believe women, to care about “issues plaguing humanity,” but, as of now, she has yet to listen to the other side of the abortion debate, notably from a woman who’s experienced the horrors of abortion and its industry firsthand.

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