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Planned Parenthood Exec Makes Major Admission About Baby Body Part Harvesting
David Daleiden, a defendant in an indictment stemming from a Planned Parenthood video he helped produce, arrives for court at the Harris County Courthouse after surrendering to authorities on February 4, 2016 in Houston, Texas.
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During the preliminary hearing this week in the criminal case against undercover journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, a “semi-retired” Planned Parenthood executive admitted that the abortion business had no ban on altering abortion procedures in order to better harvest baby body parts that would later be sold, allegedly for a profit.

According to reporting from Lianne Laurence at LifeSiteNews, “Doe 10,” the former medical director at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles until 2013, “admitted under questioning Wednesday by Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society and lawyer for Daleiden, that the Planned Parenthood affiliates she worked in had no rule against changing the abortion procedure ‘technique’ in order to obtain better baby body parts.”

As noted by Laurence, “federal consent rules stipulate a doctor cannot change the method of a medical procedure without a patient’s consent.”

“‘Doe 10’ testified that Planned Parenthood abortionists ‘would never change the method’ but admitted Planned Parenthood began making the distinction between ‘technique’ and ‘method’ after the [Center for Medical Progress] undercover videos were released,” the report noted.

“We had to grapple with fallout from videos,” the abortion executive, who is not allowed to be named, admitted to the court. “We had to be more specific.”

Mr. Breen, who is representing Daleiden, emphasized to the outlet that “Doe 10” was essentially playing semantics. “There is no distinction between ‘method’ and ‘technique’ in the law, and there is no distinction between method and technique in medical ethics,” he said.

“And so this artificial distinction that Planned Parenthood abortion doctors created so that they could get better fetal tissue is absolutely illegal and unethical and our witnesses, when we get to put on our case for the defense, they’re going to talk about that,” Breen noted.

The attorney claimed that changing the abortion procedure to better harvest aborted babies’ body parts likely puts a woman at greater risk. “We’re getting testimony that switching the fetus position from the normal position of vertex to breech increases dilation so you can get better fetal tissue, well, what does increasing dilation also do, it causes harm or can cause harm to a woman’s cervix which then can cause her to be unable to carry a pregnancy down the road,” he explained.

Daleiden and Merritt, journalists for the Center for Medical Progress facing up to ten years behind bars, were charged with 15 felonies in March of 2017 for their shocking undercover videos about the abortion industry. “Doe 10” is featured in their work, which has been corroborated as undoctored by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, allegedly haggling over prices of fetal remains while sipping wine and joking about wanting a “Lamborghini.” She also spoke about adjusting abortion procedure technique to make it less “crunchy,” therefore keeping baby body parts better intact.

As noted by the Washington Examiner earlier in the week, “Doe 7” “admitted” during the preliminary hearing “to procuring fetal tissue from the abortions she performed at Planned Parenthood,” as well as “being familiar” with the embattled StemExpress.

“She testified that she was aware of cases where money had been exchanged as part of such transactions,” the report said. “It is worth noting that StemExpress and Planned Parenthood Northern California are both under ongoing FBI and U.S. Department of Justice investigation for selling fetal organs and tissue illegally.”

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