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Planned Parenthood Doc Performs Abortion On Raped 13YO, Violates Law

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Kansas-based Planned Parenthood doctor Allen S. Palmer performed an abortion on a 13-year-old girl who was impregnated by her 19-year-old “boyfriend” (which is statutory rape) in December of 2014. The 78-year-old abortionist neglected to preserve and submit fetal tissue from the abortion to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, as required by law.

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts suspended Palmer’s osteopathic medicine license for 90 days, reported Life News on Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately, he will be back to taking the lives of unborn children as early as December of this year.

“The Board of Healing Arts found that Palmer had an independent duty to abide by the law and ensure his own compliance, and found it was wrong for him to conduct a surgical abortion without having looked at the young patient’s medical record or history,” notes Life News.

The board concluded that Palmer committed the following violations:

• Unprofessional conduct;
• Conduct likely to harm the public and hinder a criminal investigation;
• Failure to properly supervise, direct or delegate actions required of a licensee.

After Planned Parenthood reported Palmer for the infraction, the abortionist blamed the abortion mill for a “system failure,” as they neglected to inform him of the young girl’s age.

President of Operation Rescue Troy Newman noted of the incident, “It is unusual to see Planned Parenthood throw one of their abortionists under the bus, but in this case, it was probably to save themselves from being charged.”

“We are just glad that for now there is one less abortionist in Kansas. That is great news for women and their babies,” he added.

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