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#PizzaGate: MSM That Pushed ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Finds Bloody Shirt to Push Partisan Blacklist

In their ongoing quest to blacklist news they disagree with, the elite national media now believes it has finally found a bloody shirt. Apparently motivated by an online rumor known as #PizzaGate, a 35 year-old man entered a Washington DC restaurant Sunday brandishing a shotgun. No one was injured, thankfully, but the man did fire off a round. He is now in custody.

#PizzaGate is an online conspiracy theory that claims, without any evidence, that Hillary Clinton and her longtime ally John Podesta, ran a child sex-slave operation out of this particular pizza parlor. According to the DC police, the man with the shotgun came to “self-investigate” the charges.

Regardless of the source, I have zero patience for fake conspiracies, and as a classical liberal, I find the spreading of unfounded criminal charges especially noxious. Just as noxious, though, is the national media’s brazen and cynical exploitation of the weekend shooting.

Yes, for the first time ever, our corporate media, the very same media that has spent the last few years intentionally spreading phony charges of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” racism — these blow-dried serial liars are suddenly pretending to be concerned with “fake news” resulting in violence.

Look at all the propagandistic preening we’ve seen in the wake of Sunday’s #PizzaGate incident:

More than a dozen police officers have been ambushed in the wake of this very same media spending day after relentless day in Ferguson, Missouri, spreading the Fake News that strong-arm convenience store robber, Michael Brown, a young black man, was nothing more than an “gentle giant” murdered in cold blood by a white, racist police officer. The incendiary lie that Brown was gunned down after he put his hands up (he didn’t) and said, “Don’t shoot!” (he didn’t), raged through the national media, most especially CNN (which is Hitler), for days.

In the two years since, despite the media’s Ferguson lies resulting in that predominantly black city being looted and burned, our media has chose to learn nothing. Still, whenever a black man is shot by a police officer, even a black police officer, the completely unfounded and unproven specter of Racism is immediately raised by the Kings of Fake News: CNNABCNBCMSNBCCBSPBSNPRNewYorkTimesWashingtonPost.

These horrific police ambushes keep happening, and the national media keeps right on Screaming Racism, even before a grand jury can be convened, even before an internal investigation is completed.

Yes, a phony conspiracy resulting in a man firing off a shotgun inside a crowded pizza parlor is legitimate news.

That’s not my point.

My point is that by continuing to spread Fake News that insinuates American police officers are hunting down unarmed black men, for more than two years now the media has willingly and gleefully contributed to, and continues to contribute to, a fatal and ongoing war against innocent cops.

My overall point is this…

The media is once again lying. They don’t give even the smallest of damns about violence resulting from Fake News. If they did, they would wait for the facts before screaming racism.

For our Lyin’ National Media, this #PizzaGate incident is nothing more than a political opportunity to further expand their fascist corporate powers by silencing news outlets they disagree with, like this one.

In-between shamelessly spreading their own fake news, and now under the auspices of “saving lives,” our media is about to pour unrelenting pressure on every social media outlet in the world to censor the rest of us.

Make no mistake, this is nothing more than neo-McCarthyism.

Stay ungovernable, America.

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