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Piers Morgan: Trump Poised To Deliver ‘The Biggest Knockout Punch Of His Presidency’

Former CNN host Piers Morgan has a hard message for Democrats just two weeks out from the crucial midterms: “Trump’s kicking your a**.” If things continue to trend as recent polls are indicating, Morgan predicts, Trump is about to deliver “the biggest knockout punch of his presidency.”

In an op-ed for the Daily Mail Monday, Morgan declares what Democrats refuse to admit, that “President Trump is winning.”

“There is simply no other way to fairly interpret the fact that he’s just hit a new high in his approval rating,” says Morgan. “Even better for Trump, he’s officially more popular than his predecessor Barack Obama was at the exact same stage of his first tenure as President.”

Citing a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that found Trump at a poll-high 47% — 2-points better than Obama at the same point in his presidency — Morgan remarks, “Given all the fire, brimstone and perpetual outrage about Trump since he won the White House, this is a truly remarkable state of affairs.”

Morgan predicts that American liberals will respond to the poll in their characteristic “fury” and demeaning statements about his supporters. “All of which will be music to the ears of Trump, a man who absolutely revels in liberal hysteria because he knows it works for him, as this new poll proves,” says Morgan.

All of this is leading to what Morgan predicts may well be “the biggest knockout punch of his presidency.”

“Until recently, it was widely assumed the Republicans would lose control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections,” Morgan explains. “It was being depicted as a ‘damning referendum on Trump’ and historically, most presidents — like Obama — take a whack in the midterms. But now, I’m not so sure. In fact, I’d say there’s a very good chance the Republicans will hang onto the House, as well as the Senate, and Trump will move on empowered and emboldened to what could very well be an even bigger win in 2020.”

Morgan then offers a predictive post-mortem for the reason Trump may very well deliver in both the House and Senate, and the Democrats have only themselves and their overtly biased allies in the media to blame.

The mainstream media continues to play “the boy that cried ‘wolf,'” drumming up hysteria over yet another “scandal” that ends up “dissolv[ing] into a giant nothing-burger.” Meanwhile, liberal celebrities are constantly “shrieking away on social media about their hatred for Trump,” which Morgan notes is “cool” to do, not brave.

“The effect of this endless hysterical cacophony, as I have repeatedly warned, has been to make Trump ever more popular with his base and with the GOP,” he says. While his base gets more charged up, the independents see the hysteria and have a hard time siding with the party of perpetual outrage.

“I look at the Democrats today and see a Party that’s learned absolutely nothing about how to beat Trump,” he states. “And I see a President who’s growing stronger by the day.”

Read the full op-ed here.

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