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Piers Morgan Asks Why U.S. Media Won’t Cover Christian Genocide By Radical Muslims

On Monday, Piers Morgan asked an incredibly insightful question on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight. Why are American journalists essentially ignoring the massacre in Egypt?

Here’s the pertinent portion of the exchange between Morgan and host Tucker Carlson:

CARLSON: “You sent out a tweet right after this [bombing in Egypt] saying: ‘This will not get the attention of massacres is Europe, but it should.’ Why won’t it, do you think?”

MORGAN: “I think, unfortunately, if it happens in the Middle East, this kind of atrocity, it just does not seem to attract the kind of media attention in America that it would if it happened, as we’ve seen with the attacks in Sweden, the last few days, in London two weeks ago. I was there for that – huge attention in the American Media. In Paris, in Nice, these get huge attention. And yet what happened in Egypt was unbelievably significant.

If you look at what ISIS really stands for, what they are carrying out now in the Middle East – and in Egypt in particular – is a kind of genocidal attack on Christians and Christianity. They want Christianity eradicated. They want to convert all Muslims to their crusade, they want it to be a holy war; they want Christians gone.

And I don’t think that narrative is getting the attention it should get in the American media…”

CARLSON: “What’s so strange is the West is primarily Christian, predominantly – I mean, that’s what makes it the West. And yet there’s this sense that it’s somehow wrong to root for the home team. When something happens to Christians abroad, it’s somehow, I don’t know, impolite to mention it because it’s self-interested. Have you noticed this?”

MORGAN: “Right. ISIS couldn’t be more transparent. After the attack in St. Petersburg last week, they made it absolutely clear that this is a war against the Cross. They said that. That was what the statement said. They are at war – in their heads – with Christianity. Not just with Christianity – they’re at war with all other religions as well. But they have been singling out, in increasingly virulent terms, that their real war now is against Christians and the Cross…

I think this is a huge story. This is the kind of story that ought to be dominating cable news in America; it should be dominating headlines around the world. The press in America should be full of headlines about this. This narrative, to me, is very straightforward. ISIS have declared war on Christianity. I’m not seeing that being covered enough.”

Although Morgan and Carlson asked the important question – why isn’t this narrative dominating the news in the United States? – they didn’t offer any real answers.

There are two reasons the assault on Christianity in the Middle East isn’t being covered. First -as Piers Morgan noted – attacks in that part of the world seem almost routine, so they often go unnoticed.

However, the principle reason the media ignores the genocide of Christians in the Middle East at the hands of radical Muslims is because coverage of such events would harm their preferred narrative.

After every Islamic terrorist attack, the media asks the same question: “What could have motivated this attack?” And every time, the answer is a variation of the following statement: “We may never know.”

The mainstream media is unwilling to acknowledge Islamic terrorism because to do so would undermine a delicate fiction that benefits progressives and Democratic politicians. The fiction is as follows: Conservative Christians stir up hatred against moderate Muslims by calling out every terrorist attack committed by jihadists.

In the aftermath of every Islamic terrorist attack, the following sequence of events needs to occur in order for progressives to keep their narrative running and profitable:

  • Most media outlets ignore or run cursory stories about the attack.
  • In response, conservative organizations cover the attack, correctly pinning the blame on radical Islamic philosophy.
  • Progressive media figures swoop in, and trot out the usual commentators who tell us that “not all Muslims are terrorists” (as if any sane individual thinks that). They call conservative coverage an “overreaction” that will perpetuate Islamophobia, and lead to bigoted attacks against moderate Muslims.
  • The media dusts off a story or two about someone attacking a moderate Muslim. These stories permeate the cable news and social media landscape.
  • Americans either shut up because they’re afraid of looking like the bad guys, or they buy into the leftist narrative.
  • Progressives look like bleeding-heart heroes who are simply protecting a minority against the cruel, conservative, Christian majority.
  • Rinse and repeat.

By adhering to this cycle, progressives gain voters who see them as compassionate. Because the policies of the Left have no material value, everything they do is fashioned around appearances – namely, the appearance of compassion. Pretending to care is an incredibly powerful tool.

As mentioned above, conservatives are the “cruel majority” against whom progressives are waging war. A great many conservatives are Christian. Thus, to acknowledge Christian oppression or murder at the hands of Islamic terrorists would be to give legitimacy to the alleged bad guys.

Identifying and condemning Christian genocide at the hands of jihadists would harm the narrative of Christian conservatives fomenting unwarranted fear of moderate Muslims and stirring Islamophobia. So instead of calling out radical Islam, progressives simply look the other way, and follow their time-tested recipe.