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Pelosi: There’s No Culture War

By  Paul Bois

Virtually every chance House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has had to dispel her reputation as a delusional, establishment hack completely out-of-touch with reality, she always finds some way to reveal that she really is a delusional, establishment hack completely out-of-touch with reality. Her latest guffaw occurred during her appearance on Friday’s The View where she denied America is in a culture war and that Democrats have division in their ranks.

First topic of conversation was the despicable non-controversy cooked up by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson alleging that Trump treated a Gold Star widow disrespectfully over the phone; Pelosi called Wilson a “kind, wonderful” person who rightfully angered the President.

“He’s making an attack on her and people know of her service and her leadership,” she said of President Trump’s feud with Wilson. “She’s a wonderful, kind person. Dealing with the White House’s is heady stuff, it’s a big deal. You can just imagine if the president calls you a name, this president calls you a name, what the reaction is.”

When it came to the culture war — you know, what we write about here every-freaking-day on this site — Pelosi denied that any such culture exists in the United States, as if all those anti-abortion protests, calls for religious freedom protections, and wishes that our kids be left alone in the bathroom corresponding to their gender was just a made-up fantasy.

“Well, I don’t really subscribe to the fact that there’s a cultural war going on in our country,” she said. “There are divisions. There are disagreements and the rest. I think there’s plenty of opportunity to bring people together.”

And just what would those opportunities to bring people together be, Madame Pelosi? What great, grand institution still in existence represents the voice of all Americans and has not yet become a mouthpiece for the Left?

“One of the places are the arts,” Pelosi erroneously asserted. “The arts are a place where people come together. If it’s music, if it’s drama, whatever it is. They laugh. They cry. They have empathy for each other. They forget differences.”

Oh, the arts, you say? Interesting . . . I guess that means people should expect to see just as many MAGA speeches at the next upcoming Oscars ceremony as they do about cooked-up stories in the press lambasting Trump for mocking disabled reporters.

“If you’re talking about culture, take it to a place that says this is who we are as a people and while we have our political differences, what we should be talking about is, what are their policies and what does it mean in the lives of the American people,” she concluded.

Later on, Pelosi issued another denial: that the Democratic Party has division in their ranks.

“Let me, with all due respect, disagree with you. There is not a fracture in our party similar to what’s happening to the Republican party,” she said. “Our party has always been a dynamic party. It is not a rubber stamp. It’s alway been a dynamic party.That’s the vitality of it.You can name one or two people that want me to step down and I can name you an overwhelming number of people in my caucus.”

Pelosi says this knowing that 63 House Democrats voted to potentially oust her from her leadership position last November in 2016.

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