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ANTIFA RAGES: Patriot Prayer Rally In Portland Turns Bloody; American Flag Saved From Flames

By  Joseph Curl

A massive brawl broke out Saturday night in Portland, Oregon, at a Patriot Prayer Rally, which descended into chaos when Antifa leftists arrived.

The two opposing groups squared off in the streets, using clubs and fists to beat each other. The brawl, which lasted just one minute, was broken up by riot cops, who quickly fired pepper balls at the street fighters, The Oregonian reported.


Ironically, the protest was billed as a “law and order” demonstration. But police reported seeing members of both groups wearing hard-knuckle gloves and carrying knives and clubs.

Several other videos from the melee were posted on social media.

At one point in the videos, an Antifa member is seen lighting an American flag on fire as group members cheer. Seconds later, someone runs up and grabs the burning flag to put the flames out.

This isn’t the first time that Antifa has caused chaos in the liberal city. On Saturday in Portland, Oregon, Antifa protesters got in the middle of downtown traffic and started forcing drivers to follow their directions, cursing the drivers and even chasing down one elderly driver who didn’t follow their orders.

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