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The Parkland Massacre Debate Has Been Filled With Idiotically Inconsistent Arguments. Here Are Just A Few.

By  Ben Shapiro

The Parkland shooting witnesses are taking moral leadership of the gun control debate, filling in the gaps where the adults have abandoned their responsibilities.

You must never criticize their perspective because they are victimized children.

Pick one.

The Parkland shooting witnesses demonstrate that 16-year-olds have important things to say about public policy. They should vote.

It’s obvious that we must raise the age to purchase a weapon to 21-years-old, that children should stay on their parents’ health insurance until age 26, and that teenage criminals should be tried as juveniles.

Pick one.

The police response to the Parkland shooting demonstrates that a good guy with a gun cannot stop a bad guy with a gun.

Hand over your guns to the authorities, who will protect you from bad guys with guns.

Pick one.

Members of the NRA do not care about the deaths of children in mass shootings, because they continue to promulgate policies that make shootings more likely.

The media do care about the deaths of children in mass shootings, even if they continue to show the names and faces of shooters regularly and engage in the same sort of coverage studies show tend to make shootings more likely.

Pick one.

Parkland student David Hogg was completely right to shellac the NRA’s Dana Loesch over her culpability in the Parkland shootings.

Parkland student David Hogg was completely right to ignore the culpability of Sheriff Scott Israel in the Parkland shootings, because the facts aren’t out yet.

Pick one.

The shooting survivors are perfectly within their rights to suggest that Loesch and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) are morally inferior human beings who don’t care about the mass slaughter of innocent kids.

Americans are doing something deeply wrong by questioning whether it’s appropriate for survivors to impute nasty motives to those with whom they disagree.

Pick one.

Semi-automatic rifles must be banned because they are so commonly used in mass shootings.

The Second Amendment is not being threatened, and those who say it is are paranoid.

Pick one.

More armed security at schools won’t make children safer.

No, we in the media won’t give up our armed security.

Pick one.

Holding massive town hall events with mass shooting victims and witnesses before a stacked crowd of community gun control enthusiasts is journalism, not activism.

Asking any of those victims and witnesses probing questions is activism, not journalism.

Pick one.

The public debate over public policy in the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting has been gut-wrenching to watch. It’s been filled with dishonesty and posturing, with inconsistency and censoriousness. If we want to have a serious debate in this country, we’re going to have to stop participating in the emotion-driven screaming match to which we’ve been privy.

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