Palestinians Murder Israeli Civilians, Celebrate. Media, Western Governments Downplay. Because Hey, It’s Just Jews.


On Wednesday, two Palestinians dressed as ultra-Orthodox diners shot up the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv. Thirteen people were shot, and four Israelis were murdered. The two terrorists were captured. Amir Ohana, a Knesset member in Israel, described the scene: “People were having coffee. I saw a birthday cake on one of the tables. And then you see the chairs upside down and glass shattered and blood all over.” The dead: a professor at Ben Gurion University, a former special forces fighter with two children, a young mother of four children, and an engaged woman who just had enough time to call her fiancée before dying of her wounds.

This was a textbook terror attack. Israel has weathered such attacks for decades, but small-scale attacks on soft targets have escalated dramatically in recent years, particularly by knife.

Israel released information about the terrorists: they were both from a village near Hebron in Judea, both in their 20s, and both celebrated by terrorist government Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip and is a member of the coalition government in the so-called West Bank. Hamas praised the attack, and their spokesman said the shooting was the “first of many surprises” planned against Israel during Ramadan. So while Western governments continue to act with sensitivity regarding anti-terror activities during Ramadan, terrorists have no such compunction. The Palestinian Authority, meanwhile, blamed Israel for the terrorist attack: “Achieving peace requires everyone to stop taking any action that will increase tensions and resorting to violence.”

And Palestinians celebrated in the streets:

And handed out candies:

Naturally, the United Nations Security Council did nothing. This drove Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon to blast the UN: “Today’s heinous attack sadly proves that when the international community refuses to condemn terror against Israelis, the next attack is only a matter of time. Terror in Tel Aviv must be treated the same as terror in Paris or Istanbul.”

But it won’t be. Because these are Jews. So both the media and Western governments treated the attack as unrelated to the broader Islamic terror war on the West.

Here was CNN’s original tweet on the attack: “Two ‘terrorists’ captured after Tel Aviv attack, Israeli spokesman tweets.” This is obviously terrific “journalism.” So terrific that CNN later pulled the tweet and issued another quasi-apology: “A previous – now removed – tweet appeared to call into question the Tel Aviv attack as an act of terrorism. It undoubtedly was.”

Well, yes. Thanks for that, 12 hours late. CNN had to issue a correction on their website, too. There’s a reason I labeled CNN Hamas’ news network on their air during the Gaza War.

Meanwhile, the State Department condemned the “horrific terrorist attack in Tel Aviv,” but continues to pressure Israel to make concessions to the terrorist government that supports such attacks. Just three days ago, The New York Times reported that the State Department had given a grant to produce a Palestinian reality television show in which three contestants run for job of Palestinian president on the platform of boycotting Israel and designating East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine.

When two Muslims loosely affiliated with ISIS kill Americans in San Bernardino, the world rightly decries ISIS. When Islamic terrorists murder journalists in Paris, the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie trends. Don’t hold your breath waiting for #AniYehudi or #AniYisraeli or #IAmAJew. Instead, just keep waiting for the West to call on Israel for concessions to the terrorists murdering women in cafes.

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