OWENS: Three Ways The Left Keeps Black Americans On The Democratic Plantation


It’s time for the black community to leave the Democratic Plantation — again. 

I’ve said it for years. And here I am saying it again: It’s time for the black community to leave the Democratic Plantation. Permanently

Some think I use the term “plantation” for rhetoric. Or clickbait. Or just to be offensive, loud, or noisy. Some think I use it to be racist.

None of these are true. As with everything — I say it because I mean it. And because it’s true.

There would be no outcry — there is no outcry — if someone says “Republican Plantation.” Consider when Joe Biden linked Republican efforts to oppose Democratic election laws with “Jim Crow.” Or when the media, every day without fail, suggests that the GOP is full of racists. 

I call the Democratic party a plantation because it’s true. 

The Democratic South

In the early nineteenth century, four million blacks worked as slaves, imprisoned on plantations in the American South. The owners of these plantations were, almost without exception, Democrats.

Modern day Democrats would rather this history be erased, but it’s true. 

It’s also true that, before the Civil War, slave-owning Democrats used black people to massively increase the number of votes they got in Congress and the Electoral College. Because of the Three-Fifths Compromise, a single Democrat in Georgia who owned five slaves got four times the representation as a single white abolitionist in Pennsylvania — who didn’t own any slaves.

Yes — the party which is always bloviating about being on the “right side of history” — those same leftists, were, at one time in large part slave owners. 

Three Rules to Keeping Slaves on the Plantation

For these slave owners — again, most of whom were Democrats — there were three principles to keeping slaves enslaved.  

First, they prevented the black community from learning how to read; slave owners understood literacy and education were power. And of course, many of them legitimately thought black individuals were too dumb to learn. 

Second, they kept families apart; slaves were always being moved around for practical reasons, but also to disrupt familial bonds. Frederick Douglass, in his reflections on being a slave, speaks to this. He says he felt nothing when his mother died. Nor did he feel anything when his sister died. 

Third, if slaves tried to escape, there were extreme physical consequences; they were severely and brutally punished.

Destroying Education 

Let’s fast forward to present day America. Ever since the Democrats captured the black vote, how has the education of black America improved?

It hasn’t. Per the U.S. Department of Education, 84% of black students lack proficiency in math and 85% lack proficiency in reading. That’s as of 2021.

Consider the predominantly black inner-city schools which have been notoriously bad for decades, and only continue to get worse. Who leads them? Democrats. Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Philadelphia. All led by Democrats. And, despite these statistics, they continue to push for lowering standards, removing proficiency tests, and blocking school choice. 

Why? Apply the plantation mentality. When black children aren’t educated, where do they turn? They turn to the cultural activists vying for their attention, the likes of which prop up left-wing politicians. 

I experienced this firsthand when I went through public school. A bright girl like me came out of high school and believed that conservatives were racist and evil, and had the worst hearts. I believed that Democrats were the ones who fought for minorities. 

Heck — I came out of high school thinking that Lyndon B. Johnson, who helped pass the Civil Rights bill, was a champion for the black community. This Democrat saved black America. 

What is the man’s real history? He was an avowed racist. He used the “n-word” all the time, and allegedly said that he would have those “n-words voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” 

Does that sound like advocacy for the black community? Or does it sound eerily like a continued way for Democrats to gain power and line their pockets at the same time?

Separating Families

Take the second principle of owning slaves: The separation of families. Again, the black community has been voting overwhelmingly Democrat since the 1960s. And where has that landed our families? In 1965, Patrick Moynihan delivered his report on black America, and found that nearly 26% of black kids were born to a single parent household. It’s more than 70% now. 

This isn’t just the result of an over-bloated welfare system and bad victim-based policy. Progressives, along with feminists, LGBTQ+ activists, and every Leftist in between, make the destruction of the family their goal. Black Lives Matter — which I expose in my upcoming documentary “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” — openly professed that one of their goals was to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family.” 

The reason for this is obvious. If the nuclear family is abolished — if strong examples of maternity and paternity inside the home are absent — young black men and women pursue it elsewhere. They pursue it on the streets. They pursue it via culture. They pursue it via progressive activism. 

Suddenly you’re taking advice from Cardi B, Jay Z, and Beyoncé, and voting for Joe Biden.

In other words, the culture becomes your teacher and the government becomes your parent. 

Cultural Punishment 

The last principle of the plantation is punishment.

In the modern day, it isn’t the lash anymore; it isn’t even physical. It’s punishment through cancellation, libel, and slander. Yes — there are consequences for any black person who steps outside the established thinking today or is educated or opinionated beyond what Democrats think is allowed.

I am of course no stranger to this, but there are other, much more qualified examples. Ben Carson, a renowned brain surgeon, was ousted by the media for his politics and called “stupid.” Thomas Sowell, a great economist, was also given the same treatment, while Clarence Thomas, a brilliant lawyer, judge, and justice, continues to be torn down as nothing more than a Trump-lover who’s being manipulated by his wife. 

Even Dave Chappelle, who’s hardly Right-wing in his politics, dominated the news cycle for a span of almost three weeks. Why? Because he joked about transgender people, the current favored victim group. He crossed the line of what’s allowed for a black man.

Focus only on your oppression and how America is racist, they said. Return to your rousing speech about George Floyd, or making fun of white people. In other words, playing the victim. That’s the black man they like. 

Take an example from as far back as three decades ago. Spike Lee, who’s a radical leftist, released his signature “Do the Right Thing” in 1989 — a great film, spotlighting the complex issues of race relations and immigrants in America. Guess what the film was critiqued for? The main characters were black and poor, but there were no drugs in the movie, so therefore, to many critics, the film wasn’t realistic. 

Who are critics mostly? Democrats. Who owns the media? Democrats. 

The Black Vote and Its Power

If the Left continues to lose the black vote, their power slips; they lose their slaves and therefore their plantation. That’s why, when they feel their hold is slipping, the race baiting gets more outlandish, more ridiculous, and more psychotic. 

They know what will happen if black children receive a good education. They know what will happen if the black community shakes off their dependence on handouts. They know what will happen if black Americans refuse to see themselves as victims and embrace the opportunity this nation offers. 

In the nineteenth century, we relied on others to free us from the Democratic plantations. This time, and on this same plantation, it must be us who open our eyes and say once and for all: No more. 

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