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O’Keefe Undercover Videos, Part II: Massive Democratic Voter Fraud EXPOSED

On Monday, investigative journalist James O’Keefe dropped explosive undercover video exposing illegal collusion between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, her super PACs and the DNC. Through “black hat” consultants, Democrats admitted to coordinating protests that turned violent at Donald Trump events by paying agitators. Operatives notably admitted to paying the mentally ill to make “sh*t” happen and gleefully took credit for the riots in Arizona and Chicago, which resulted in a forcibly canceled rally.

The following day, O’Keefe—who was key in exposing ACORN scandals via undercover video, back in the early 2000s—and his Project Veritas team did not disappoint, exposing how Democrats, in their own words, have been “rigging” elections in favor of their party for the last 50 years.

Democratic operative Scott Foval, who was fired in the wake of O’Keefe’s Monday videos, goes into painstaking detail about how the fraud is pulled off. In some cases, operatives rent cars or buy them at auctions for their illegal voters to use at different states’ polling sites. If there’s “no bus,” states Foval, “you can’t prove conspiracy.”


The mainstream media have yet to cover O’Keefe’s bombshell video. In this latest video, O’Keefe says that his “sources” are telling him outlets are afraid of retaliation from a future Hillary Clinton Administration if they do air the “truth.”

O’Keefe promises more video footage to come.

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