Official White House Twitter Account Trolls Prominent Democrats. Media Members Lose It. But There's One Problem. | The Daily Wire
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Official White House Twitter Account Trolls Prominent Democrats. Media Members Lose It. But There’s One Problem.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Monday, the media erupted with outrage when the official Twitter account for the White House went after prominent Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kamala Harris (D-CA). Leftists media figures, like NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell, cried foul over the tweets, claiming they were unethical and possibly illegal.

Of course, the only problem is, the Obama Administration did the same exact thing, going after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by name. Oddly, the media did not have a meltdown over that.

It’s almost as if the “objective” media are not very objective at all.

The White House first fired-off a tweet targeting Warren, asking the senator why she is “supporting criminals moving weapons, drugs, and victims across our nation’s borders.”

“You must not know what ICE really does,” the tweet added.

The Massachusetts senator irresponsibly called for the abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) on Monday. “The president’s deeply immoral actions have made it obvious we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom starting by replacing ICE with something that reflects our morality and that works,” Warren told a crowd in Boston.

Up next on the docket was Harris. “Why are you supporting the animals of MS-13? You must not know what ICE really does,” reads the tweet.

Harris, like Warren, essentially called for the end of ICE. “I think there’s no question that we’ve got to critically re-examine ICE and its role and the way that it is being administered and the work it is doing. And we need to probably think about starting from scratch,” said the California senator.

Right on cue, the media lost their collective mind. “Questionable on ethical and legal grounds to attack them from the official White House account,” wrote Mitchell in a string of tweets condemning the White House.

Other media members joined the choir of condemnation.

But mum was the word when an attack from the official Obama Administration White House Twitter account went after McConnell.

If Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

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