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Obama Judge Releases Illegal Immigrant MS-13 Gang Member

A judge appointed by Barack Obama granted the release of an illegal immigrant who is a member of the vicious MS-13 gang.

The illegal immigrant, a 17-year-old Honduran male who has not been publicly identified, admitted his ties to MS-13 when he handed himself over to Border Patrol. The illegal alien said he sold drugs in the gang and was involved in a number of fights. He also claimed that he had observed murders while in the gang but never committed any, although he admitted he gave a false confession to his friend’s murder because he “was nervous and felt guilty for not doing anything to help him,” per The Washington Post.

His admission to being a gangbanger is why the federal government held the illegal in Virginia without a formal hearing since 2014; yet Judge Elizabeth Dillon ruled that he had to be released because holding him without a hearing supposedly violated his due process rights and “family unity.”

Dillon’s decision could end up having a major impact, as the precedent might result in as many as “hundreds” of minors being released, according to the Post.

The illegal’s story paints the picture of a kid in Honduras who was lured into MS-13 after one of its members protected him from bullies at schools and sold it to him as the family he needed. When MS-13 murdered his friend that had provided them that protection, he fled to the United States illegally and was caught at the border during the 2014 immigration wave. Now that he’s released, he is finally reunited with his mother in Kentucky.

While that version of the story is certainly sympathetic, some have pushed back against the judge’s handling of the case. The Center for Immigration Studies’ Jessica Vaughn told the Post, “When we have credible information that this kid has been involved in criminal activity, is a member of a gang, admits to violent acts in his home country, that’s when we should be using the law to the fullest extent possible to avoid problems in the community.”

MS-13 is one of the most violent gangs in the country, which preys upon unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors as recruits. The gang has swelled thanks to the Obama administration letting in scores of gang-involved unaccompanied minors.

H/T: CNS News

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