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Obama Dances The Dance Of Love As The World Burns

By  Ben Shapiro

As the world burns, President Obama tangoes his way through life.

Yes, seriously: tangoes.

Now, some people may believe that Obama isn’t taking the problem of terrorism seriously, given that he’s dancing the dance of love with a random lady in Argentina. But you’re not seeing the deeper picture.

Alejendro Gee is a tango teacher who wrote his psychology graduate thesis on the intricacy of the tango. Here’s what he said:

“The posture of a person is not just a position that we are supposed to stand/dance in, but also a reflection of who we are. The way we connect or the way we lead or follow are also a perfect reflection of our social, emotional and mental status. Usually 10 minutes into the class you can tell more about a person’s character or the relationship within a couple than you could after talking.”

So, what does Obama’s tango tell us?

It tells us that he always leads from behind. It tells us that he’s wildly confused and heads in many different directions all at once, before being directed forcefully by a professional. It shows he’s a passionate, virile man…well, no, actually, it doesn’t show that at all.

But it shows that he’s connected. To people. And that’s the essence of the tango, as tango artist Sasha Cagen says at Huffington Post: “When you and your partner have both the connection to each other and the connection to their own bodies in their own axis, you have magic.”

It’s just too bad that Obama is constantly dancing the tango with the world’s worst dictators. With Iran. With Russia. With China. With the Palestinians. He has a connection to them, and the connection is pure magic.

Just stick a rose in his mouth and let the dictators summon him with a flick of their wrists.

Ah, the dance of love.

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