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NYC School Cancels Father-Daughter Dance Over Gender-Neutral Policy

A traditional father-daughter dance at a Staten Island school has been postponed on the basis of not being inclusive enough of other genders. The school claims city policies are to blame, according to CBS New York.

“This year’s dance was supposed to be on Friday, right before Valentine’s Day, but the school’s principal directed the Parent-Teacher Association to reschedule it because of the Department of Education’s gender-neutral policy,” reports CBS. “It was originally put in place a year ago and requires school events to include all types of students and families.”

Parents have already begun to complain, saying political correctness has ruined a fun event. Girls are also disappointed, as they have been anticipating the dance for months.

“I’ve got my shoes, I got my dress,” one student said. “It’s really fun! I go with my dad, I see my friends,” another said.

“It’s kind of a let down,” 5th grader Angelina Lubo said. “At least I could still spend time with my dad.”

“It’s supposed to be father and daughter,” grandparent Traci Javois said. “Father and daughter need to have a relationship, you know, feel good.”

“It’s father-daughter dance, not a grandmother slash son slash daughter dance,” another parent said. “Absolutely not.”

The dance will now be open to the entire school community and will take place in March. Fathers say political correctness has ruined a special bond they share with their daughters.

“It’s almost as if they’re taking it away,” father Matt West said.

“You have to see my daughter’s face every time we walk in,” dad Gregorio Rosario said. “For us dads that we have the time, I actually make the time for it because we work at night. It’s a pleasure.”

The principal told parents in a letter the school will have to pick a bigger venue to fit everyone. ​

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