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NY Assembly Votes to Give Illegal Immigrants Financial Aid For College

By  Aaron

The New York State Assembly passed a bill granting financial college aid to illegal aliens this week.

NBC News reports that the Dream Act would allow access for illegals who arrived in the U.S. before age 16 to be eligible to receive state funding for college. There are an estimated 4,500 illegals who graduate from high school every year in the New York.

The bill would also create a Dream Fund and Dream Commission, where the state would raise money and implement requirements for doling out financial college aid for illegals. It is estimated that the bill will cost New York taxpayers $27 million a year.

“For many years, the Assembly has passed the Dream Act because we realize the life-changing effects it would have not only for these voiceless students, but for New York as a whole,” said Assemblyman Francisco Moya (D-Jackson Heights), who sponsored the bill. “Hundreds of thousands of students have been given a high school education here in New York and are unable to continue their education. Denying hardworking students the tools they need to be successful is an injustice and disservice to everyone.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had originally included the Dream Act in his budget, but the Republican-controlled Senate removed the provision, prompting the Assembly to pass this new piece of legislation. The bill is unlikely to pass the Senate.

Illegals cost New York’s taxpayer around $5.1 billion a year. Not only would the Dream Act add to these costs, but it would also have a burdensome effect on families struggling to pay college tuition.

An analysis conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies over the federal 2010 Dream Act determined that as a result of the influx of illegals into the college education system, “public institutions will have to increase tuition, increase taxes, or reduce the number of spaces available for American citizens at these schools.”

New York already has the most burdensome state and local taxes in the country as well as a ridiculously high cost of living. Nationwide, the cost of college tuition has skyrocketed at four times the rate of inflation. Put it all together together, and it becomes clear that New York citizens looking to go to college are going to get squeezed by the Dream Act. The Dream Act will become a nightmare for them.

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