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NPR Hammered Online For Dishonest Immigration Tweet; Former WH Press Sec Joins In

On Tuesday, Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, participated in the new favorite pastime of all “former” everythings everywhere: trolling political, ideological or personal foes on Twitter. His target: National Public Radio, which presents itself as a source of unbiased, informative reporting and analysis, but increasingly just can’t help but let its leftward political leanings show.

As usual, the Twitter watchdogs over at Twitchy caught the moment and some of the fallout. Here is the tweet from NPR that prompted Fleischer to weigh in:

On the policy of separating immigrant families, here’s what we know regarding:
-What happens when families are separated?
-Where do the children go?
-Can parents who’re prosecuted be reunited with their kids?
-What was the policy under President Obama?

Fleischer couldn’t let the dishonest tweet go unchallenged:

Fleischer wasn’t the only one who noticed the glaring omission. In fact, the response to NPR’s tweet online was overwhelmingly negative. Here are some highlights from the first dozen or so responses, most of which are far less gracious than Fleischer’s:

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