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#NotMyAbuela: Clinton’s ‘Hispandering’ Leads to Massive Hispanic Outrage

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Hillary Clinton, the 68-year-old, white, entrenched politician who is a polished pandering-machine, ran a post on her website called “7 ways Hillary Clinton is just like your abuela” (Spanish for grandmother) in a desperate outreach attempt toward Hispanics.

Talk about your major backfire; Hispanics flooded social media to tell Mrs. Clinton that, no, she was not like their abuela. The rejection of Clinton’s “hispandering” was so potent that the Clinton Camp changed the title of the post to “7 Thing Hillary Clinton had in common with your abuela.”

The Clinton Camp basically posted 7 qualities which they apparently thought to be stereotypical of Hispanic grandmothers, sprinkling in some Spanish words and talk a lot about “respeto” for good measure.

“She isn’t afraid to talk about the importance of el respeto,” reads the opening of the post. The ham-handed post then illustrates how the former secretary of state reacts “when people le faltan el respeto.”

Fittingly, the post ends with a picture of Clinton with Hispanic super-star Marc Anthony with the caption: “Everybody loves abuela—even this guy.” Subtle, Hillary.

Here’s some of the backlash via Twitter.

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