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NOT A CONSTRUCT: Sex Differences In Brain Anatomy Present In One-Month-Olds

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Save for the plumbing downstairs, men and women are exactly the same; any differences in interests or abilities are merely constructed by society and have nothing to do with how we are hard-wired. This is what we’ve been told ad nauseam by third-wave feminists.

This is all nonsense, of course. And anyone being honest, even those hard-line feminists, understands this, regardless of how much they might protest publicly.

Buttressing what we already know intrinsically and via basic observation, a science journal called “Brain Structure and Function” recently published findings from a study that showed sex differences in the anatomy of the brain present in just one-month-old babies.

(By the way, if someone can explain to me how society “constructed” such differences in these infants’ brains, I’d be all ears.)

“Using high-resolution structural MRI, we measured subcortical gray and white matter brain volumes in a cohort (N = 143) of 1-month infants and examined characteristics of these volumetric measures throughout this early period of neurodevelopment,” reads the study’s abstract. “We show that brain volumes undergo age-related changes during the first month of life, with the corresponding patterns of regional asymmetry and sexual dimorphism. Specifically, males have larger total brain volume and volumes differ by sex in regionally specific brain regions, after correcting for total brain volume.”

The study also states that their findings suggest such brain differences are “present at birth.”

“Our results complement a growing body of work investigating the earliest neurobiological changes associated with development and suggest that asymmetry and sexual dimorphism are present at birth,” says the abstract.

Still, the Left will continue to conflate equality with sameness and put women at a disadvantage by advocating for nonsensical things like transgender “women” competing against biological women in sports.

The Party of Science, ladies, gentleman, and third-gender options.

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