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No Wonder Jeff Toobin Wants Abortion So Badly, He Once Allegedly Gave His Mistress Money To Have One

Since Anthony Kennedy announced he will be retiring from the Supreme Court, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin has gone into panic mode over the fate of Roe v. Wade. Immediately, he began sounding the alarm that so-called “abortion rights” as we know it are effectively “doomed” in the United States:

The famed legal analyst went on to repeat these words on CNN, stressing that Roe v. Wade has little time to live should President Trump have his way on the nominations.

“You are going to see 20 states pass laws banning abortion outright. Just banning abortion,” Toobin said. “Because they know that there are now going to be five votes on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.”

“Roe v. Wade is doomed,” he added. “It is gone because Donald Trump won the election and because he’s going to have the chance to appoint two Supreme Court justices.”

According to NY Daily News, Toobin has some deeply personal reasons to fret over abortion being doomed, because he once allegedly offered his mistress, Casey Greenfield, money to have one.

“Greenfield, now 36, was in her 20s when she fell for Toobin, now 49, even though he was wed to Amy McIntosh, the Harvard sweetheart he’d married in 1986 and who gave him two children,” the NY Daily News reported in 2010. “In 2008, when Greenfield became pregnant, and when she told Toobin the news, he offered her ‘money if she’d have an abortion,’ says a source. He also allegedly offered to pay for her to have another child later via a sperm donor.”

Thankfully, Casey Greenfield did not get the abortion and had the child, a son. Despite Toobin’s initial fight, he eventually did acquiesce to a paternity test, which indeed confirmed him as the father.

“When Casey wouldn’t have an abortion, Jeff told her she was going to regret it, that she shouldn’t expect any help from him,” another source told the NY Daily News.

According to The New York Times, Toobin did agree to some form of child support and had the child visit him and his family on the weekends.

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