No Brain, No Brawn: Here’s The Latest Woke Razor Company

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We have some good news and some bad news. 

We’ll get the bad news out of the way first: Yet another razor company has decided to embrace radical gender ideology and force so-called “gender-affirming care” down its consumers’ throats.

This time, it’s Braun — the Procter & Gamble-owned razor company that was founded by Max Braun in 1921 and was characterized in part by its “progressive ideas,” according to its website

Oh, the company still has some “progressive” ideas, all right

Or perhaps the better word nowadays is “transgressive” — as explained by Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro. In the year 2023, Braun is endorsing the idea that women can become men, and that surgeries that remove body parts are something worth promoting.

On Wednesday, The Daily Wire reported that the U.K. branch of the grooming company has featured a woman identifying as a man to model the company’s Series X hybrid trimmers. The female model appears to have undergone a double mastectomy, a procedure frequently done when women who identify as men have their breasts removed to look less feminine.

Critics have been outraged on social media — and while the ad might be shocking, it isn’t necessarily surprising.

P&G has been known for pushing some not-so-PG-rated themes across its range of products. For example, Braun’s sister company Gillette released an ad in 2019 that features a father helping his child named “Samson” — a female “transitioning” into a male — shave for the first time.

The Gillette ad is replete with suggestions and language that the teenager featured is actually becoming a man. Except, “Samson” is a female.

Keep in mind, Gillette’s tagline is “The Best A Man Can Get.”

P&G’s wokeness doesn’t end there.

As reported on Thursday, it’s awash in corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Last year, the company posted a testimony from a male employee talking about the medical procedures he underwent to look more feminine. He spoke of going through facial electrolysis (a process to remove facial hair) and using bandages and “compression tops” to “bind” his newly feminized chest to hide his “transition.” Another brand owned by the company has referred to women as “people with female sex organs” in literature intended to guide teenagers through puberty.

So if the bad news is that one of the largest multinational consumer goods corporations in the entire world is hellbent on making its customers support these ideas that run contrary to conservative values, what is the good news?

Here it is: Jeremy’s exists so you don’t have to give your money to companies that hate your values.

Jeremy’s knows what a man is. Jeremy’s knows what a woman is. And Jeremy’s knows that when it comes to shaving, the only thing that should be disposable are the razor blades — such as Jeremy’s Razors starter sets and other shaving accessories that are on sale, up to 40% for a limited time. Purchase here. 


Disposing of certain body parts doesn’t change your gender, and any company that refutes the biological, spiritual, and physical differences certainly isn’t the best a man — or woman — can get. 

We have other positive news — if you’re not planning on shaving anytime soon, Jeremy’s offers a range of soaps, shampoos, and hair and body products. All are available to buy here.

When Jeremy’s first launched, founder Jeremy Boreing said that the Left, “is happy to bifurcate the culture, ripping it in two. They’re convinced there will be no economic consequences for this because, as I said, you need their products.”

That could explain why P&G keeps pushing this agenda. How do conservatives and non-woke individuals build a future that competes with such a force?

Well, as Boreing explained, “So, to win, we have to rip the economy in two. We have to give conservatives their own companies and their own products to buy. We have to build market alternatives that, in success, will force the Left to take real losses if they don’t compete directly for our business.”

Buy your own products here and hit the woke where it hurts — their bottom line.


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