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Nikki Haley Launches ‘Stand for America’ Advocacy Group

Only two months after leaving the Trump Administration, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has launched her own policy group focused on everything from foreign policy to term limits.

The group, Stand for America, calls itself an advocacy group that promotes “public policies that strengthen America’s economy, culture, and national security.”

The website breaks down its “Issues” page into two sections: one for international policy and one for domestic policy. Under the international section, Stand for America labels China as the “biggest foreign threat to America” and Iran as the “source of Middle East problems.” Latin America is labeled as “critical to U.S. interests” and Russia is labeled as “no friend to America.”

Under the domestic category, Stand for America claims American Culture is “torn from many sides” and slams identity politics.

“The news media is obsessed with scandals (real or fake) and cares much less about substance,” the website says. “The political correctness movement on college campuses and in Hollywood demands toleration for every manner of diversity except diversity of thought and speech, which is denounced in the most intolerant way. Religious liberty, a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment, is too often ignored or even trampled by bureaucrats and courts. Identity politics aggressively embraces what makes us different instead of what unites us a country. Too many people on both sides of political disputes see the other side as their enemy instead of their opponent.”

The advocacy group also advocates for strong border security and Congressional term limits, but denounces socialism.

“Seventy percent tax rates. Elimination of private health insurance. An end to cars and industries that run on non-renewable energy. Trillions in new government spending when our national debt is already at record level,” the website says. “These are the ‘fashionable’ ideas of the socialist left in America today. Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried. At best, it would turn America into the high-unemployment, economically stagnant socialist welfare states of Europe. At worst, it would turn America into the corrupt and unlivable socialist ‘paradise’ of Venezuela.”

“Stand For America by defeating socialism at home,” the website adds.

In a blog post on the Stand for America website titled “Why I founded Stand for America,” Haley explains that as the daughter of immigrants, her parents reminded her and her siblings every day “just how blessed we were to be born and raised in this country.”

“My story is proof positive that the American dream is alive and well,” Haley writes. “America’s greatness comes from our freedom and our values and they must be protected for future generations.”

“Even though I have entered private life, I will never stop standing up for America’s freedom and values,” Haley adds. “We all have a part to play in keeping our country safe, strong, and prosperous.”

In an interview with The Washington Post, Haley said that she started the group because of her love for policy.

“I thought hard about what life was going to be like as a private citizen, and I think what I’ve always loved is policy — whether it’s foreign policy or domestic policy, I’ve always loved it, and I always want to have a voice,” Haley said.

Haley’s book will also be reportedly published later this year and will be an autobiography about her rise to prominence over the last several years.

On Monday, Haley announced the launch of her policy group on Twitter. “Excited about starting a new policy group, @StandAmericaNow,” Haley tweeted. “We will focus on how to keep our country safe, strong, and prosperous. Join me as we stand up for America’s freedom and values.”

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