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For the Next 35 Days Trump Has One Job — Stop Baring His Ass

Last week Tuesday Donald Trump went into the first presidential debate a little ahead in the polls and with the wind at his back. The American presidency was his to lose. Moreover, he had just enjoyed a great run that was capped off with delivering one of the all-time epic Media Face-Jobs — the Birther press conference, where he made total and complete fools of The Worst People In the World.

Oh, and it was glorious.

Then came the presidential debate, where all Trump had to do was be cool. No one was expecting him to win, no one believed a political neophyte had a real chance against a 30-year veteran like Hillary Clinton. All he had to do was be cool. America wants change, real change, they don’t want Hillary Clinton, they don’t care about inexperience, and all Trump had to do for 90 minutes was not bare his own ass.

But bare his own ass he did.

After a pretty good half hour, Trump turned defensive, erratic, prickly and near-incoherent as he lost himself in a tangled web of self-justification. This is especially inexcusable when nothing was thrown at him he could not have seen coming from a mile away.

The week that followed was more of the same: angry tweets, angry speeches, and what little polling we have indicates that real damage has been done.

And now we have just 35 days left.

For most of the primary season, I supported candidates other than Trump, but he was always in my top 3 or 4, and from the beginning I never underestimated the guy. The most appealing thing about Trump is that unlike the other 16 GOP Dwarves he so expertly vanquished, he represents REAL CHANGE. Rubio, Cruz, Jeb(!), they all would have run as status quo/Democrat-lite, and they all would have been mired in some phony, media-generated scandal like this New York Times Nothingburger dropped on Trump Sunday morning. (OMG! Trump wrote off his losses!)

Trump will secure our borders, fix plutocrat-centered trade deals, fight for school choice, kill ObamaCare, end the suicidal refugee program, nominate conservative Supreme Court Justices… and all this will/can/could’ve happen(ed) if he would just stop baring his ass.

Right now I’m furious with the man.

He’s making fools of us all, of those who for a year now have taken the MSM/#NeverTrump slings and arrows. Many of his supporters are currently in denial, or just can’t bring themselves to admit that right now he’s blowing it. I get that. No one wants the incoming “Toldjasos.” But he is blowing it, and what is so unforgivable is that he is doing so over the one thing he can control — his temperament.

As I write this, the MSM believes they have Trump in the Todd Akin/Kill Zone; they are swamping him with negative stories, including stories about how he and his campaign are handling those negative stories.

A lot can happen in 35 days.

But unless Trump can keep his pants up, none of it will matter.

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