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Newsweek Gives Op-Ed To Wife Of Palestinian Terrorist Lamenting Her Husband’s Hunger Strike. He Got Caught Eating Cookies.

In a slap in the face to the Jewish victims of Palestinian terrorism, Newsweek has given a platform to the wife of a convicted murderer. On Thursday, the American news outlet published an op-ed by Fadwa Barghouti, the spouse of Marwan Barghouti, who “was convicted on five counts of murder for the deaths of four Israelis and a Greek monk, as well as attempted murder, conspiracy to murder, and membership of a terrorist organization,” according to the BBC.

While Newsweek has yet to publish sympathetic editorials by the friends, family, and loved ones of like-minded “freedom fighters” Ted Bundy, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, or the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, the publication chose to honor Fadwa Barghouti with a piece entitled, “My Husband Is Starving In An Israeli Jail – We’ll Be Reunited When Palestine Is Free.

If you take the op-ed at face-value, it comes off as an emotional, nearly elegiac plea to her supposedly heroic husband’s inhumane Israeli captors. To say that Fadwa’s article is grossly misleading would be a profound understatement.

The op-ed is riddled with fabrications and omissions of truth.

First of all, Fadwa’s husband, Marwan, isn’t starving. Far from it. In fact, he’s munching on cookies and candy even as he claims to be carrying out a hunger strike.

As The Daily Wire reported earlier this month, “Israel … released a video allegedly showing [Marwan Barghouti] the leader of an internationally-publicized Palestinian hunger strike, eating cookies and candy in his prison cell.”

Here’s the clip released by Israeli authorities:

“The prison service says Barghouti, who serves multiple life sentences for his role in the killing of Israelis during the second intifada, has twice been filmed eating since the strike began,” noted Haaretz in May. “The first time, on April 27, the footage shows him eating cookies. He removed the cookies from a hiding place in his bathroom, looked around to see that nobody was watching, and then ate them. He then tried to conceal the evidence by hiding the wrapping and washing his hands and face.”

Not a single word of these reports is mentioned in Fadwa’s deceptive op-ed. Instead, Fadwa writes, “The demands that my husband and more than a thousand others are starving themselves for are basic rights.”

After insisting that the civilian court in Tel Aviv where Marwan was convicted of his heinous acts is nothing more than a kangaroo court (because apparently those lying Jews are incapable of being objective when it comes to the law and must be perpetually scheming to target their innocent, angelic, non-Jewish victims), Fadwa combines historical revisionism with recycled anti-Israel talking points about the “occupying power” to paint her husband as a sinless martyr dying on the cross of Palestinian nationalism.

Fadwa writes:

Marwan told me 32 years ago, just before we got married, that so long as we are under occupation, he will dedicate his life to the struggle for freedom. He has kept his promise to the Palestinian people and that is why they trust him. But he also promised me that as soon as the occupation ends, we will be able to enjoy what every person seeks and deserves: a normal life.

But as much as Fadwa Barghouti may want her words to ring true, the imagined mythical hero she describes and the convicted terrorist who today sits in an Israeli cell couldn’t be farther apart.

Marwan Barghouti (and perhaps his wife has well) has a talent for fooling Western audiences with propaganda to advance the cause of demonizing Israel as the aggressor.

“While I, and the Fatah movement to which I belong, strongly oppose attacks and the targeting of civilians inside Israel, our future neighbour, I reserve the right to protect myself, to resist the Israeli occupation of my country and to fight for my freedom,” he wrote in a Washington Post op-ed published in 2002. “I still seek peaceful coexistence between the equal and independent countries of Israel and Palestine based on full withdrawal from Palestinian territories occupied in 1967.”

Barghouti’s words should be taken with a grain of salt, given the tendency of Palestinian leaders to put up a peaceful front for Western audiences while calling for the genocide of Jews in the West Bank and Gaza.

Theatrical performance or not, Barghouti’s nonviolent veneer would soon be stripped away in favor of a more aggressive approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Framing the killing of Israelis as a defensive “resistance” against “occupation,” Barghouti fanned the flames of the horrific second intifada and called upon his compatriots to carry out acts of vengeance against Israel.

Shortly after, he was arrested by Israeli authorities and charged with the deaths of 26 people. Ultimately, he was only convicted of five murders. “The court found there was insufficient evidence connecting him to the 21 other deaths on the original indictment,” notes the BBC.

For its part, Newsweek decided to bury this lede at the bottom of Fadwa’s op-ed. Here’s how the publication described Fadwa and her terrorist husband:

Fadwa Barghouti is the wife of imprisoned Palestinian leader and parliamentarian Marwan Barghouti. Convicted of involvement in five murders during the Second Palestinian Intifada, or uprising, he is currently serving five life-sentences in an Israeli prison.

Unlike Fadwa, the wives, mothers, fathers, and children of Marwan Barghouti’s victims will never have the opportunity to write about their deceased loved ones in the present tense.

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