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New York Times Lies & Crybabies Over ‘Fake News’ Blowback Against MSM

By  John Nolte

In an effort to undermine Donald Trump’s presidential triumph as something built on lies, and to explain away their own disastrous and biased reporting of the election, the National Media went on a Fake News crusade last month, one with the obvious goal of censoring social media ideas they disagree with and blacklisting right-of-center sites that offer competing opinions. Today, as the New York Times documents, this fascist Fake News rampage has only resulted in massive blowback against its malevolent creators.

The Times article itself is a blatant piece of Fake News, a towering lie that claims politics had nothing to the do with their Fake News crusade. Check out these whoppers:

Until now, that term had been widely understood to refer to fabricated news accounts that are meant to spread virally online. …

Journalists who work to separate fact from fiction see a dangerous conflation of stories that turn out to be wrong because of a legitimate misunderstanding with those whose clear intention is to deceive. …

“Fake news was a term specifically about people who purposely fabricated stories for clicks and revenue,” said David Mikkelson, the founder of Snopes, the myth-busting website.

In just eight paragraphs the New York Times tells no less than three massive lies.

The idea that the media’s Fake News movement was targeted only against sites that “purposely fabricated stories for clicks and revenue” is a brazen falsehood of such magnitude it inspires awe. Just 8 days after the election, less than a week after the entire MSM coordinated this Fake News narrative in their hollowed-out volcano, no less than the Los Angeles Times and New York Magazine published a list of purported Fake News sites that includes … this one.

Does the Daily Wire qualify as a site that “purposely fabricates stories?”

A mere 8 days later, no less than the Washington Post offered its front page imprimatur to a report that, among others, smeared Zero Hedge, the Drudge Report, Info Wars, Truth Dig, Naked Capitalism (which threatened suit against WaPo), and Ron Paul as spreaders of Fake News on behalf of the Russians.

But now that right-of-center sites (like this one) have successfully turned the tables using our own headlines that scream “Fake News” in pieces that expose the national media’s daily lies and biases, the shameless New York Times wants to claim none of this is fair because the definition of “fake news” is being misused and abused by its critics, including Trump:

Mr. Trump has used the term to deny news reports, as he did on Twitter recently after various outlets said he would stay on as the executive producer of “The New Celebrity Apprentice” after taking office in January. “Ridiculous & untrue — FAKE NEWS!” he wrote. …

Many conservatives are pushing back at the outrage over fake news because they believe that liberals, unwilling to accept Mr. Trump’s victory, are attributing his triumph to nefarious external factors.

“The left refuses to admit that the fundamental problem isn’t the Russians or Jim Comey or ‘fake news’ or the Electoral College,” said Laura Ingraham, the author and radio host. “‘Fake news’ is just another fake excuse for their failed agenda.”

Others see a larger effort to slander the basic journalistic function of fact-checking. Nonpartisan websites like Snopes and have found themselves maligned when they have disproved stories that had been flattering to conservatives.

The New York Times can dig its toe in the dirt and claim all it wants that critics of the national media are being unfair, but the naked facts prove otherwise.

All New Media is doing is what we have been doing since RatherGate: using the national media’s own tactics against them. And because they are serial liars and we are not, we are winning and they can’t stand it.

What a glorious time to be alive.

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