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New York Launches Public Awareness Campaign For Abortions

By  Paul Bois

The Left has moved from just fighting for the legality of abortion to endorsing it as a public good. In recent weeks, Americans have seen comedienne Michelle Wolf exclaim “God bless abortion,” feminists launch an abortion comedy tour, and now New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo launch an abortion public awareness campaign to promote the practice and rebuke pro-life “misinformation.”

LifeSiteNews reports that the “Know Your Options” campaign encourages women in the state of New York to visit a state website so they can “get the facts” on abortion and connect to “comprehensive family planning services.”

In a press release, the campaign states it plans to rebut the “false and misleading” claims made by Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

“These actions are in direct response to widespread reports of organizations known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers or CPCs misrepresenting themselves as health centers to dissuade those seeking abortion from going through with that choice,” said the announcement. “These reports show that CPCs often use false and misleading advertising and offer free services to attract women into their offices, where they then allegedly misinform and mislead those who seek pregnancy-related information.”

In his promotion of the campaign, Gov. Cuomo accused the Trump administration of waging a “war on women” and vowed to “fight back.”

“While the federal government wages war on women’s reproductive rights, New York will fight back to protect women’s access to comprehensive, safe and affordable health care,” Cuomo declared. “In New York, we refuse to let President Trump and Washington take us backwards and jeopardize the rights of New Yorkers. We are launching this public awareness campaign to combat the insidious spread of misleading, medically inaccurate information about reproductive health and to ensure all New York women know the options they are legally entitled to.”

One part of the website directs women to “contraceptive (birth control) education, counseling and a broad range of methods (including long-acting reversible contraception such as IUDs and implants)” and “health education in community settings to […] promote access to reproductive and preventive health services.”

The “Think You Might Be Pregnant?” section directs women to in-clinic abortions it says “are safe, outpatient procedures.”

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