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New York Governor Offers State Help To New York Daily News

By  Ashe Schow

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo took to Twitter Monday to offer state support for the New York Daily News, which announced earlier in the morning that it would cut half its editorial staff.

Cuomo said he stands “ready to work” with Tronc to keep the Daily News staffers. He ended his statement by saying, “New York State stands ready to help.”

What exactly that “help” means, is not clear yet.

Cuomo mentioned in his statement that his “father, as Governor, came to the aid of the New York Post when it was facing difficult financial times.” Indeed, in 1993, Cuomo’s father, Mario, helped save the Post by persuading the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to waive cross-ownership rules to allow Rupert Murdoch to purchase the paper for a second time (he had been previously forced to sell the Post due to these FCC rules).

Since this instance was cited specifically by Cuomo in his statement, one could reasonably assume that’s what he meant by offering state support, should a similar situation arise.

Over in New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy recently announced a new non-profit to support local news, aided by a $5 million taxpayer infusion.

Let’s hope this is not the tactic Cuomo plans to take.

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