New York City Locks Good Samaritans In Prison And Then Wonders Where All The Good Samaritans Have Gone

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 18: People move through turnstiles at a Manhattan subway station on March 18, 2024 in New York City. Following a surge in crime on the subways, New York Governor Kathy Hochul revealed a five-point plan to bring state resources, the deployment of 750 National Guard members and 250 New York State and MTA police officers, into the subway system. Violence in the subway system, the nation's largest, has surged this year over last year. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
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One of the big milestones in a child’s development is when he learns the principle of cause and effect. If you’re a parent, you probably know that this typically happens at around eight months.

For example, a child might splash his hands in water and realize that, as a result of that decision, he now has water all over his face. And then, based on that result, he might decide to continue splashing water, or to stop doing it, depending on how entertaining he finds the idea of splashing water everywhere. This isn’t higher-order thinking. You don’t get to put a “gifted & talented” bumper sticker on your car when this happens. It comes naturally to all of us, at a very young age.

All that makes the curious case of Amanda Farías both fascinating and highly confusing at the same time. Amanda Farías is the majority leader of the New York City Council. She’s a relatively powerful person in the largest city in the United States. And at 34-years-old, she is not an infant. She’s an adult woman whose brain stopped growing a long time ago. And that means, to all outward appearances, Amanda should have no problem understanding the idea that actions have consequences.

But yesterday, Amanda made it clear that, in fact, she struggles very mightily with the concept. In response to the news that many women are now getting attacked in broad daylight in New York City, Amanda posted this on social media: “Where are the men calling this out?”

So she’s totally bewildered. How is it possible, Amanda Farías wants to know, that women are getting sucker-punched all over New York, and no men are standing up to protect them? Why aren’t there any men chasing down these deranged attackers, and, oh I don’t know, subduing them by pinning them to the ground? Where have all the Good Samaritans gone, to apprehend these dangerous and unhinged vagrants with extensive criminal records?

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That might not be a totally unreasonable question, except that less than one year ago, Amanda publicly called for the criminal prosecution of one such good samaritan — a man who defended an entire subway car against a dangerous and unhinged vagrant with an extensive criminal record. That Good Samaritan’s name was Daniel Penny.

Here’s what Amanda Farías said about his case at the time: 

Of course, Amanda got her wish after that statement. In fact, precisely one day after she called for Daniel Penny to face “justice” for defending that subway car, he was arrested on charges of manslaughter and negligent homicide. If you wanted to discourage all men in the city of New York from ever standing up to a violent thug again, it’s hard to think of a better way to do it.

So, now, because of the principle of cause and effect, there are apparently very few men in New York City who are standing up for women who are getting punched in the face. Amanda can’t see the connection, but it’s pretty clear. And just for good measure, it’s worth noting that Amanda has also called for defunding the police. So she wants a much smaller police force that prioritizes arresting people who exercise the right of self-defense, basically. How’s that working out?

Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening right now in New York as a result:


One of the women you just saw was allegedly attacked in Manhattan around 10 a.m. by a 40-year-old man who goes by the name Skiboky Stora, who has since been arrested. We don’t know who attacked the other women.

According to the NYPD, this is the third time Stora’s been arrested in just the past six months. And all of those times, he was released on the streets almost immediately.

That’s not because Stora was a Marine and an upstanding member of the community, like Daniel Penny. Instead, for years, Stora has been posting videos complaining about white people and harassing everyone he sees. Mostly he seems to go after women in public.

Here’s just a handful of Stora’s recent videos, which somehow didn’t result in his permanent incarceration, even though he posted all of them publicly:


As you can see, Stora has a lot in common with Jordan Neely. He has a long and well-documented history of disregarding social norms and harassing people in public. And nobody did anything about it, even after he committed several crimes. But Stora isn’t the only person attacking women with impunity, of course. This is now a common occurrence in New York.

Getting punched in the face by random vagrants is now part of the New York experience. Watch:

So in this case, a man did step up to help the woman, because he was related to her. Otherwise, presumably this guy would never have been caught. By the way, in case you missed it, there was a “Black Lives Matter” mural in the background of that report, right where the attack took place. This is a movement that led to the so-called “bail reforms” that let this attacker out of jail seven times, so he could assault this woman, and then get right back out of jail. It’s a movement that’s caused a lot of death and destruction in this country, particularly in black communities. So it’s fitting that BLM was in the shot there.

In any event, once again, it’s a heinous crime that only an animal would commit. But the Democratic Party (with help from George Soros) has no problem putting these animals back on the streets, so they can commit more heinous crimes. And sometimes these crimes are more serious than assault.

Guy Rivera, the ex-con who allegedly gunned down an NYPD officer this week, was also a repeat offender. Actually, that’s an understatement. According to the New York Post, he had 21 prior arrests and “was found to have a shiv stored in his rectum during the shooting — in apparent anticipation of being sent to jail again.” But instead of being thrown in prison for the rest of his life a long time ago, Guy Rivera was allowed to kill a police officer.

Getting back to cause and effect, the solution here is actually pretty simple. There actually aren’t that many people committing these crimes. It’s a small number of criminals who are constantly committing crimes, because they’re incapable of living anywhere outside of a prison. This week the NYPD’s chief of transit put the numbers in context. He wrote,

In calendar year 2023, NYPD cops made over 13,600 arrests in the subway system. Of these 13,600 arrests, 124 people were arrested 5 or more times in the subway system in 2023 alone. When looking further, these 124 people combined, have been arrested over 7,500 times in their lifetimes. So, in case you’re curious what your cops are doing … well … they’ve arrested these people over 7,500 times!

To restate, of the 13,600 arrests on the NYC subway last year, 124 of the people arrested have been arrested 7,500 other times.

You could dramatically cut down on crime in the New York City subway if you sentenced those 124 people to life imprisonment. The subway would become much faster overnight. And by the way, these statistics hold up outside of the subway, too. According to the NYPD police commissioner, as reported by Outkick, “nearly one third of the city’s shoplifting arrests last year involved just 327 people. Collectively, those same 327 people were arrested, released and rearrested more than 6,000 times. That’s more than 18 arrests per person. In a single year.”

In a city where the leaders understood cause and effect, the solution is clear: All you have to do is punish the habitual lawbreakers, and don’t let them out of prison. This was the point of three-strikes laws, before everyone pretended they were some grave human rights abuse. What Soros D.A.’s are doing is giving criminals unlimited strikes. They’re free to reoffend and terrorize the population as much as they want.

Instead of putting these career criminals in prison, the leaders of the city of New York have decided to turn their entire city into a prison. They’ve opted to treat all 8 million residents of New York City as felons. To that end, the mayor has just announced that body scanners are coming to the subway. Watch:

This is what happens when you can’t admit that a small number of people are committing the crimes. You have to pretend that an old white office worker from midtown has the same likelihood of pushing a woman in front of the subway tracks, or sucker-punching a grandmother, or opening fire, as anyone else.

But that’s not true. These “attacks against women” that are taking place in Manhattan and Brooklyn are not being carried out simply by “men,” as that councilwoman said. They’re being carried out, overwhelmingly, by black men. Nearly 9 out of every 10 assaults in New York City are committed by a black or Hispanic perpetrator, according to “i/o,” which is an account on Twitter/X that studies crime statistics. Black men have a per capita homicide rate that’s more than 15 times the rate for white men, according to statistics pulled by the account “Datahazard.” These are statistics that, outside of Twitter/X, mainstream publications don’t report on. That’s why I’m citing social media accounts. But really, you don’t need these citations, because anyone looking at these videos can tell they’re true. Black men are committing a wildly disproportionate amount of these violent crimes.

And because this is one group you’re not allowed to criticize, New Yorkers are supposed to pretend that everyone in the entire city is equally guilty. As they walk through the body scanners, and women get punched in the face on the sidewalk, they’re supposed to pretend that their real problem is that “good men” are reluctant to step up.

But Daniel Penny proves why “good men” are reluctant to step up. The powers that be are doing everything they can to demoralize and punish the good men, and then they wonder why there aren’t any around.

It reminds me of the CS Lewis line: “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.” Politicians like Amanda Farías have spent the last year not only laughing at honor, but punishing it. Now, predictably, the traitors are in their midst.

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