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‘New Scapegoat Just Dropped’: CBS News Clobbered Over ‘Propaganda’ Tweet Covering For Biden’s Economic Disaster
President Joe Biden participates in a virtual meeting about mineral supply chains and clean energy manufacturing in the South Court Auditorium of the White House complex February 22, 2022 in Washington, DC.
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CBS News was clobbered with criticism online after the news organization posted a tweet ridiculed as “propaganda” seemingly conflating President Joe Biden’s economic troubles from the start of his presidency with repercussions from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“The U.S. economy has been hit with increased gas prices, inflation, and supply-chain issues due to the Ukraine crisis,” CBS News captioned a post.

“Although many Americans may prefer that the U.S. stay out of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the brewing violence and political fallout are already hurting their wallets,” the piece linked to the tweet reads. “Gasoline prices, which have hit eight-year highs, could surge even further if the hostilities escalate or if U.S. lawmakers pass another round of sanctions.”

“The economic impact could also move beyond the gas pump, Wall Street analysts warn,” CBS News adds. “Sanctions or export controls against Russia could make current semiconductor shortages even worse, while restrictions on wheat or metals could drive the fiercest bout of inflation in decades to climb even higher.”

The tweet was notably published mere hours after President Biden gave a speech telling Americans to buckle up for coming economic hardship, likely as a result of coming sanctions against Russia.

“As we respond, my administration is using every tool at our disposal to protect American businesses and consumers from rising prices at the pump,” Biden said, The Daily Wire reported. “As I said last week, defending freedom will have costs for us as well, here at home. We need to be honest about that.”

“But as we will do — but as we do this, I’m going to take robust action and make sure the pain of our sanctions is targeted at the Russian economy, not ours,” the president continued. “We are closely monitoring energy supplies for any disruption. We’re executing a plan in coordination with major oil-producing consumers and producers toward a collective investment to secure stability and global energy supplies.”

The CBS post was quickly mocked online.

“Umm no,” said RedState’s Bonchie. “That all existed before.”

“This might be one of the most brutal ratios I’ve ever seen,” journalist Jack Posobiec wrote.

Posobiec added another tweet showing the rise in gasoline prices during Biden’s presidency, preceding coming sanctions.

“New scapegoat just dropped,” said political commentator and education policy strategist Angela Morabito.

Popular Twitter account “Libs of TikTok” commented, “The levels of gaslighting and deflection are off the charts.”

“Russia is a dictatorship because they have state-run media that parrots the Putin regime propaganda. Not like America, where we have a totally free press,” Gov. Ron DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushaw snarked.

“This is an interesting way to say: ‘Russia attacked and the s**t is rolling down on Americans because Biden gave up all our leverage,'” The Daily Wire’s Virginia Kruta mocked.

“Hahahha. These things have been going on for well over a year,” conservative Gianno Caldwell highlighted. “Whose writing these politically driven ‘news’ pieces?”

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