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‘New Republic’ Publisher Hit With Sexual Harassment Allegations

Leftist publication The New Republic, the oldest in the U.S., has been rocked with two serious sexual harassment allegations in the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

As of today, the publication’s publisher, Hamilton Fish, and its long-standing literary editor, Leon Wieseltier, have been accused of lewd sexual conduct.

Fish, who previously produced documentaries before joining The New Republic, has been placed on a leave of absence.

The New Republic owner Win McCormack wrote to his staff that all allegations made against employees will be taken seriously.

“I have been made aware that a number of employees have come forward in the last few days to express concern about certain workplace interactions that have created an uncomfortable environment for them,” he wrote. “As I understand them, these concerns relate specifically to interactions between Ham Fish and a number of women employees. I appreciate the candor our employees have displayed in coming forward with their concerns, and I take the concerns very seriously.”​

Stepping in for Fish and Wieseltier will be editor J.J. Gould, and associate publisher Art Stupar.

Leon Wieseltier issued a formal apology last week regarding the allegations brought against him. The New York Times profiled his lewd behavior:

Several women on the chain said they were humiliated when Mr. Wieseltier sloppily kissed them on the mouth, sometimes in front of other staff members. Others said he discussed his sex life, once describing the breasts of a former girlfriend in detail. Mr. Wieseltier made passes at female staffers, they said, and pressed them for details about their own sexual encounters.

One woman recounted that while she was attempting to fact-check a column Mr. Wieseltier wrote, he forced her to look at a photograph of a nude sculpture in an art book, asking her if she had ever seen a more erotic picture. She wrote that she was shaken and afraid during the incident.

Mr. Wieseltier often commented on what women wore to the office, the former staff members said, telling them that their dresses were not tight enough. One woman said he left a note on her desk thanking her for the miniskirt she wore to the office that day. She said she never wore a skirt to the office again.

According to the women, male staff members routinely witnessed Mr. Wieseltier’s behavior and did nothing.

Like Weinstein, the The New Republic regularly pushed the “War on Women” narrative.

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