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New Evidence Points to CNN Helping Hillary Cheat at Debate

Some very good reporting at The Daily Caller revealed news that should once and for all ensure CNN is never again allowed anywhere near any kind of political debate — presidential or otherwise. As I mentioned earlier this week, since Jeff Zucker took the network over, CNN has devolved from your standard leftwing news outlet into something much darker — a propaganda machine literally aping Adolph Hitler’s path to power through racial division and violence.

Naturally, a leftwing news outlet eager to incite race riots in a black neighborhood would look at something like cheating at a presidential debate as small potatoes. And from the looks of it, that appears to be exactly what may have happened.

As you might recall, thanks to WikiLeaks doing the job our corrupt media will not, it has been discovered that Donna Brazile, a CNN contributor (now fired) and current head of the Democrat National Committee, helped Hillary Clinton cheat during a March 6 primary debate hosted by CNN. Brazile slipped Clinton at least two debate questions in advance.

Naturally, a leftwing news outlet eager to incite race riots in a black neighborhood would look at something like cheating at a presidential debate as small potatoes.

Weeks ago, after we learned about the first question being leaked, using their own Jake Tapper, CNN’s first response was to, naturally, blame the black man, TVOne’s Roland Martin, who co-hosted the Townhall debate.

The news about a second question, though, has complicated matters for the aptly nicknamed Clinton News Network. The two women whose questions made their way to Hillary in advance, are pointing their respective fingers directly at CNN.

The Daily Caller:

CNN has also denied that a producer who coordinated logistics with the two women knew of the questions before the debate. But both of the women, Mikki Ward and LeeAnne Walters, tell TheDC that they indeed did provide their questions to the producer, Danelle Garcia. Further undercutting CNN’s claim is a news report published earlier this year which identified Garcia as handling questions for another Flint debate participant.

The new evidence raises questions over whether Brazile was leaked the question from someone at CNN.

Ward, a public housing supervisor, asked Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders the first question at the Flint. debate. She told TheDC on Tuesday that she has “never met or spoken to Donna Brazile.”

Because CNN is CNN, as The Daily Caller also notes, through orchestrated leaks and innuendo, the cable news network is shamelessly trying to blame the leak of the second question on one of these female questioners. But both women claim that the only person who knew about their questions in advance was … CNN.

Like they did after publishing a false report Sunday that attempted to claim Trump had called on his supporters to commit vote fraud, CNN is now in cover-up mode. This includes CNN’s leftwing media reporter, Brian Stelter, who joined in the false claims that one of the questioners had met with Brazile before the debate.

Does anyone now doubt, that prior to the presidential debate between Hillary and Trump, you know, the one moderated by CNN’s Gaystapo Leader Anderson Cooper, that Hillary Clinton was slipped questions in advance?

When a network is willing to openly call for a black neighborhood to be burnt down, do you really need to ask?

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