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The New Conservatism: Trump Pushes Paid Maternity Leave

By  Ben Shapiro

On Tuesday, the Trump campaign announced that super-conservative, really truly conservative, so conservative that you’re nuts if you don’t think he’s conservative Republican nominee Donald Trump would be unveiling a new policy proposal: mandatory paid maternity leave.

If you think that it’s rather atypical for a Republican nominee to suggest a massive new government mandate robbing businesses of their income, even though the free market already provides paid maternity for many women (and paternity leave for men), that’s because you’re just remember wrong. It’s all an illusion.

If you seem to recall Republican criticism when both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders called for paid maternity leave, it’s just a figment of your imagination. You’re merely misremembering if you have a hazy recollection of people tweeting things like this just months ago:

Oh no, Ingraham never opposed paid maternity leave. Her actual position was always this one:

According to The Washington Post, such a Trump proposal would gain bipartisan support. How would Trump pay for this massive new mandate? By cutting out waste and fraud, of course! This is always Trump’s answer when it comes to government spending, and it’s utterly meaningless.

So now, presumably, businesses will be forced to cover – or taxpayers will – the cost of hiring a temp, a potential decrease in productivity, and the cost of the benefits. The unintended consequence of such laws: young women aren’t hired because businesses are afraid of covering such costs. Also, Trump proposes new income tax deductions for child-care expenses – which is truly just a redistributionist program on behalf of families and lower-income Americans.

Ivanka was reportedly the motivating force behind this new program. Yes, Ivanka, who wasn’t registered as a Republican in time to vote for her dad in the New York primaries. Yes, Ivanka, who hobnobs with Chelsea Clinton and David Geffen.

But remember, folks: Trump can be trusted to be supremely, utterly, completely conservative. He’s going to stand up for all your priorities. And none of his supporters ever thought that paid maternity leave was a problem. None of them.

You’re all crazy.

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