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New Clinton Sexual Assault Accuser EMERGES

Leslie Milwee, a former reporter for KLMN-TV, a local Arkansas news station, has come forward accusing former President Bill Clinton of three acts of sexual assault when she was just 20 years old, back in 1980. Milwee is yet another name added to the seemingly endless list of women who’ve accused the former president of sexual misconduct, most notably Juanita Broaddrick, a woman who claims she was raped by Clinton and subsequently threatened into silence by his wife Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

During a video interview with radio host Aaron Klein, Milwee explained that she was forced into contact with then-Arkansas Governor Clinton when she was assigned coverage of the “Cuban Refugee Crisis,” interviewing Clinton on roughly 20 different occasions. The former president would visit her news station frequently, continually seeking Milwee out and eventually fondling and assaulting her on three different occasions in the editing room.

On the first occasion, Clinton sought out Milwee in the editing room where she was seated and working. Standing behind her, he rubbed on her neck as she repeatedly asked him to stop. He didn’t, and eventually neared closer to her breasts.

The second incident was much more disturbing. Clinton again found Milwee in the editing room sitting down, and began to rub her shoulders as he did last time. Milwee says she could feel his genitals on her neck. Clinton allegedly masturbated while he continually groped her, though Milwee suspects the act was completed while he was fully clothed. As the first time, Milwee said she repeatedly asked Clinton to stop during assault.

Milwee says she was terrified of Clinton, attempting to avoid the editing room whenever he was around, but soon ended up back in the room without knowledge of Clinton in the building. Again, the same act of sexual assault happened, including Clinton allegedly masturbating behind her while she begged him to stop.

Milwee explained that she eventually left the station after Clinton showed up knocking on her apartment door, apparently wanting sex. As a young naive 20-year-old, she said, she felt powerless and wrongfully blamed herself for the assaults.

Clinton allegedly gave Milwee a cut portion of his necktie before the incidents, and on one occasion wrote “Clinton” above her written name, saying, “I just wanted you to see how good Clinton looks on top of Leslie.”

Watch her story, below:

With Milwee’s latest accusation added to the mix, Bill Clinton has been accused of sexually assaulting at least 15 different women.