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New Book Teaches Importance Of ‘Woke Gaming’

By  Paul Bois

They may have come out on the losing end of “Gamergate” — after all, “masculine” video games still dominate the market — but that hasn’t deterred SJWs and other assorted progressives who seek to make video games woke again. Now, professors at Arizona State University (ASU) have an forthcoming book that suggests reforming game culture so it can no longer “perpetuate injustice” and hurt “marginalized bodies.”

Profiled by Campus Reform, the book by professors Kishonna Gray and David J. Leonard, titled “Woke Gaming: Digital Challenges to Oppression and Social Justice,” claims that video games play directly into the system of oppression that keeps marginalized groups down.

“From #GamerGate to the 2016 election, to the daily experiences of marginalized perspectives, the ways gaming is entangled with mainstream cultures of systematic exploitation and oppression is clear,” says the book description. “Video games perpetuate injustice and [mirror] those inequities and violence that permeate society.”

“Video games encode the injustices that pervade society as a whole.”

The book then explores how growing diversity in gaming culture has bolstered an effective resistance.

“The growing diversity in contemporary video games, diverseness of gamers, and diverse perspectives hidden within gaming culture, reveal the power and potential for marginalized communities to resist,” the authors write.

Published by the University of Washington Press, the book is a product of Gray’s #EquityinGaming Lab, which has its own litany of demands for the gaming community, listed in a long manifesto:

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