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The New Blacklist: Daily Wire Added to ‘Fake News’ Directory

By  John

Although he works for a network that spent more than a year spreading Fake News in Ferguson and Baltimore, CNN’s Thumb-With-Ears (Brian Stelter) recently went on a rampage about Fake News and now, because the MSM is the Borg, everyone’s freaking out over it — no, not about the phony Hands-Up-Don’t-Shoot fake newsing that resulted in race riots — but a click-bait article that falsely claims Denzel Washington endorsed Donald Trump (which I would like to believe he did in his heart).

Facebook is the primary target of this rampage. Mr. Thumb-With-Ears and his fellow fascists want the social media site to block Fake News, because there is nothing at all scary about a multinational communications corporation deciding what is and isn’t truth.

Imagine Ma Bell listening in on and disconnecting every phone call that involved the spreading of “false information.”

Reportedly, both Facebook and Google are now onboard.

Oh, and Twitter just purged a bunch of alt-right Twitter accounts. Hey, I don’t like the alt-right, but I really hate censorship, and if you’re going to MemoryHole the alt-right, why not their counterparts on the left, like Black Lives Matter and La Raza?

So let’s call this what it is — a big, fat BLACKLIST… A left-wing BLACKLIST couched in the cloak of sanctimonious journalistic ethics of accuracy…

Well, the First Official Blacklist has been compiled, and… It has been awarded the imprimatur of no less than the Los Angeles Times and New York Magazine.

And guess who is on this blacklist?

We are.

The Daily Wire.

Yes, little ole’ us.

No, fer realsies.

Also on this Blacklist are InfoWars, Breitbart News, Red State, The Blaze, and ZeroHedge. Oddly enough, their left-wing counterparts, like Raw Story, Talking Points Memo and The Huffington Post, did not make the cut.

In other words, The Daily Wire, and a number of other perfectly legitimate right-leaning outlets that dare to challenge the status quo, are now being lumped in with the “The Onion” as spreaders of Fake News.

We can all see what’s going on here, correct?

The mainstream media put itself on the 2016 presidential ballot, lost, and now they want to silence competing ideas by smearing, marginalizing and, yes, blacklisting us as spreaders of Fake News.

The Empire is striking back, and is doing so using lies, corporate censorship, and the kind of groupthink bullying that comes right out of the neo-Stalinist handbook.

This is no joke. The Empire is compiling blacklists, fomenting riots all over the country, and spending millions of dollars to organize those riots.

Stay ungovernable, America.

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