#NeverSanta Conservatives Need To Stop Denying The War On Xmas


The only group more frustrating than lefties who wage the war on Christmas are the right-wingers who abet them. These #NeverSanta conservatives alternately gaslight their co-partisans on the war’s existence and then insist that none of it really matters anyway. The #NeverSanta coalition brings together disparate factions of the right: would-be sophisticates on the social left who cringe at their unpolished co-partisans and dour Christians on the Religious Right who bemoan the insufficient religiosity of folk traditions surrounding the Incarnation and insist that only Benedict monks ought ever to utter the phrase, “Merry Christmas.” Both miss the point entirely.

The War on Christmas is a battle over language. Those who wish others a “merry Christmas” use clear, precise language for the only major holiday in December and the reason for the season of Christmastime. Politically correct culture warriors insist on the vague euphemism “happy holidays” to avoid uttering the holiday-that-must-not-be-named.

The war exists. Barack Obama removed the word “Christmas” from his White House Christmas card and, according to his White House social secretary, attempted to ban the traditional crèche from the East Room. For over a decade, public schools and corporate America have discouraged and banned both religious and secular Christmas displays.

The PC crowd observes that Hanukkah and Kwanzaa both coincide with Christmastime. “Holidays,” they claim, offers an all-inclusive alternative. But even a cursory glance at the history of those two holidays reveals the former to be a relatively minor affair compared to other Jewish holidays and the latter to be a socialist contrivance invented in 1967 by a woman-beating, sexual assailant Los Angeles City College professor and celebrated by virtually nobody.

War on Christmas belligerents then lament that Christmas has become hopelessly secular. The word “holiday” better describes what once-religious Christmas has become. But holiday means “holy day,” and everybody’s got to serve somebody. Culture and cult derive from the same root; a culture is defined by what it worships. The Left obsessively euphemizes Christmas to subtly erode the Christian soul of Western civilization.

#NeverSanta conservatives deny the importance of language to culture and politics. The cultural Left knows better. That’s why they have spent decades on the project of “political correctness” to replace clear language with deceptive euphemisms. Barack Obama’s Department of Justice rebranded juvenile delinquents as “justice-involved youth.” Wars have become “overseas contingency operations.” Government mandates are now “individual shared responsibility payments” (or at least they were until President Trump repealed them). Illegal aliens became “undocumented workers” and then “dreamers.” Killing babies in the womb is nothing more than “women’s health.” “Global cooling,” disproved, became “global warming,” which disproved morphed into un-falsifiable “climate change.” The word liberal itself has now come to mean precisely its opposite.

Euphemisms won the battle over redefining marriage by circumventing the central debate. Social conservatives held that marriage is defined by the complementarity of the sexes, and so no possible redefinition could ignore sexual difference. The social left instead presumed redefinition to include monogamous — though incoherently not polygamous — same-sex unions under the euphemism “gay marriage.” With just two simple words, they skipped the definitional debate to a fight for “civil rights.” One final euphemism, “marriage equality,” and even Barack Obama’s 2011 opinion on the nature of marriage became viciously bigoted. Now the perverters of language have moved on to eliminating gendered pronouns.

Language is the medium of our consciousness. We should not cede one single syllable to the destructive cultural left. Euphemisms can concede whole premises, which in turn concede pillars of culture, which ultimately concedes our politics. Follow President Trump’s lead and use only the best words, folks.

Merry Christmas.