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Nevada Slams California’s Sanctuary City Stance: ‘Reckless’ And ‘Outrageous Assault’ On Nevadans

Nevada’s attorney general has accused California of “launching a direct and outrageous assault” on Nevadans by promoting a sanctuary city position that allows criminal “illegal aliens” to run free and threaten the safety of the Silver State.

The lengthy statement by Attorney General Adam Laxalt was emailed to Nevada Republican Party supporters after he filed a brief in federal court Friday seeking to undo an April 25 stay that blocked President Trump’s executive order barring funding for sanctuary jurisdictions. Nevada joins nine other states in this effort, including Texas.

In his statement, Laxalt bemoaned the fact that California shares a border, presumably allowing illegal immigrants easy access to Nevada.

“Because California is right next door, its sanctuary cities pose a genuine danger to Nevadans — particularly given those cities’ refusal on some occasions to detain illegal aliens with violent criminal histories, releasing them instead into communities where they have no right to be,” Laxalt wrote.

He then praised Nevada lawmakers and law enforcement for wanting no part of the growing sanctuary city trend. California has 19 sanctuary jurisdictions out of the nation’s 171, second highest behind Oregon at 32.

“Fortunately, Nevada policymakers — including legislators, sheriffs and municipal leaders — have wisely and consistently rejected this absurd and reckless approach,” Laxalt said.

The court issued its injunction after receiving briefs from the California counties of San Francisco County and Santa Clara that stated Trump’s order was unconstitutional because a state has responsibility to control law enforcement for its residents. California, which recently passed a bill seeking to become a sanctuary state, filed an opposing brief as well.

“Threatening to take away resources from sheriffs and police officers in order to promote misguided views on federal immigration policy is reckless and puts public safety at risk,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement on his website. “It is the right and responsibility of California and each state under the Constitution to determine how it will provide for the safety and general welfare of its residents and to safeguard their constitutional rights. We will not be intimidated or coerced into compromising our state values on account of the Trump Administration’s fear mongering and falsehoods.”

Becerra did not respond to a request for comment on this article.

If Trump’s order proceeds, it will strip jurisdictions of some $1.7 billion in law enforcement funding — a punishment U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he intends to implement.

“The unlawful actions of these California cities cannot be allowed to stand,” Laxalt said. “They pose a clear and direct threat to public safety here in Nevada, and that’s why it was so important that my office take action on this crucial issue.”

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