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NATO Bills & Foreign Students: ‘Sunday Times’ & ‘NY Times’ Smear Trump with FAKE NEWS

By  John

Remember that bombshell story in London’s Sunday Times over the weekend, the report that claimed President Trump handed German Chancellor Angela Merkel an invoice for $374 billion to cover her country’s NATO expenses, the story that immediately got picked up here in America and spread like wildfire?

Yeah, it was Fake News.

Never happened.

Trump did not hand Merkel an invoice. The White House denies it, as does Germany.

Using an anonymous source, The Sunday Times apparently manufactured this on-its-face nonsense and, naturally, our own national media ran with it because it was just too darned good to check.

Not to be outdone by The Sunday Times, here in America our own New York Times also smeared Trump with Fake News, this time using the fuzziest of fuzzy math to create a misleading headline that tries to blame Trump for a decrease in college applications from foreigners.

The headline reads, “Amid ‘Trump Effect’ Fear, 40% of Colleges See Dip in Foreign Applicants.”

As PowerLine points out, the headline is designed to make it look as though foreign college applications declined overall by 40%. The truth, however, is that The New York Times is turning a non-story into a phony story in order to make it look as though TrumpHitler is scaring away the world’s best and brightest.

The truth is that while 39% of colleges are seeing a “dip in foreign applicants,” if you read deeper into the story, 35% are seeing an increase in foreign applicants, while 26% report no change.

One could just as easily compose a headline that reads, “Amid ‘Trump Effect,’ 35% of Colleges See Increase in Foreign Applicants.”

Just two more examples that prove once again that the mainstream media has become nothing more than a gang of serial liars.

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