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‘Nasty’ Ashley Judd Goes Off Deep End at #WomensMarch: ‘I Feel Hitler in These Streets!’

On Saturday, the day following President Donald Trump’s inauguration, hundreds of thousands of feminists participated in the Women’s March on Washington to protest…? Well, we’re not exactly sure what they were protesting against per se, but these “pussy hat”-sporting gals were promoting the hell out of the murder of the unborn. #GirlPower

During the lively (for those outside the womb) festivities, Hollywood celebrity after Hollywood celebrity graced the masses with their odd slam poetry-esque speeches, each one more terrible than the last. And the winner by a long shot for Most Incoherent Psycho-Babble was one Miss Ashley Judd.

In a tragic attempt, Judd engages in a bit of slam poetry, signaling to the crowd just how tolerant of everyone she really is, unless you happen to be pro-life, from the South, or a Trump voter. She speaks of her period blood-stained jeans and claims Ivanka Trump is the president’s “favorite sex symbol.” The actress also gently compares our president to Hitler, a sure way to unite America and definitely not overplay her opposition to the point of eye-rolls everywhere.

Watch the slow-motion disaster for yourself:

Ashley Judd: “I am a #nastywoman, but I am NOT AS NASTY AS RACISM, FRAUD, MYSOGENY…” #womensmarch #WhyIMarch

— Girls Really Rule. (@girlsreallyrule) January 21, 2017

The internet reacted accordingly:

Well, if we learned anything from this past presidential election, it’s that the rantings of rich, out-of-touch celebrities will definitely sway the American people to the left. Well done, Ash.

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