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Naked Man Attempts to Sexually Assault Homeowner, But Is Thwarted By a Gun

A naked man tried to sexually assault a woman inside of her home, but was stopped because her husband had a gun.

According to The Sun Herald, the man, identified as Kenda Casey, broke into a Mississippi home nude and climbed on top of a sleeping woman in her 60s.

The woman woke up before Casey could sexually assault her and managed to throw him to the ground and pin him, giving her husband time to grab his gun.

“She threw him to the ground and got on top of him and her husband pulled a gun on him and held him at gunpoint until deputies arrived,” Lt. Coley Judy told the Herald.

There is no evidence that Casey and the couple knew each other.

Casey was arrested for “home invasion and attempted sexual assault.” This was the seventh time he has been arrested since 2013, his third that involved nudity.

Casey’s bond is set at $300,000.