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Naked Abortion Activists Desecrate Statues Of Virgin Mary And Pope Francis

By  Paul Bois

American pro-lifers perhaps can take some comfort in the fact that homegrown abortion activists do not behave like those in Argentina, where angry feminist mobs frequently desecrate churches and partake in some of the most grotesque forms of advocacy.

The latest abortion stunt in Argentina, where a legalization vote looms on August 8, had activists stripping down naked while desecrating statues of the Virgin Mary and Pope Francis, according to the Daily Star.

Participating in a theatrical production called Dios (God), naked actors were seen hanging statues of Pope Francis and the Virgin Mary while dancing lewdly in front of them.

“During the show, a group of naked performers reportedly danced in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary and hugged a statue of Pope Francis while wearing green handkerchiefs with the symbol of the pro-abortion movement in Argentina,” reports the outlet.

The production was organized by the cultural center of the city of Rafaela during the 15th annual theater festival. Offended by the play’s grotesque display of religious intolerance, Catholics in the area pleaded with the local bishop to issue a statement condemning the act.

In a press release, Bishop Luis Fernandez defended the players’ artistic freedom while noting that the “play did not respect the Christian faith.”

“It is an insult to the religious spirit that does not exist with our wish to believe in peace in our country,” said the bishop. “This incident hurts us deeply, that this is the feeling of the Catholics in Rafaela.”

Abortion protests in Argentina have reached levels unparalleled here in the U.S. Most recently, a video game was released online allowing players to murder priests, pro-life activists, and a giant unborn baby in “Doom”-style fashion.

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