Muslim Parent Warns: ‘Network Of Political Islam’ Joining ‘Far-Left’ To ‘Create A Trojan Horse To Basically Hijack Our Schools’
Asra Nomani
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Speaking on Fox & Friends on Tuesday after the incendiary viral comments of Abrar Omeish, a young female Muslim board member of Fairfax County School Board, at the Justice High School graduation, a former Wall Street Journal correspondent and Georgetown University professor who is also Muslim and a parent in the school district fired that Omeish’s comments were “part of this network of political Islam in America that has joined together with the far Left in order to create a Trojan horse to basically hijack our schools with their radical ideology.”

Asra Nomani has been vocal about being a Muslim reformer and also served as the co-director of the Pearl Project, which has investigated the kidnapping and murder of Nomani’s Wall Street Journal colleague Daniel Pearl, who was beheaded by Pakistani terrorists in 2002.

Nomani told Fox & Friends of Omeish’s remarks: “It was indicative of this radicalization that’s happening within school boards and school districts and schools across the country, from principals to teachers to political operatives like this Abrar Omeish. She gave that speech, but the script was written years ago. Because Abrar Omeish, I know her very well; I’m also a Muslim, I’m a member of the Muslim reform movement. And her father and the elders of the community that brought her to office are part of this network of political Islam in America that has joined together with the far Left in order to create a Trojan horse to basically hijack our schools with their radical ideology. It’s something parents in Fairfax County, Virginia are very alarmed about. They’ve got a recall petition. And this is a wake-up call to everyone across the country that they’ve got to be vigilant in our schools and school districts.”

“The majority of parents are so disturbed by this; I get so many phone calls and emails,” she continued. “I work at a place called Parents Defending Education, and we get so many dispatches out of Virginia. Just today, we’re going to have an ‘Equity Conference.’ This is happening from the state house down to the schoolhouse. We are having an actual policy of critical race theory brought into school systems across Virginia, like it’s happening across the country, from the governor’s office. And this is an issue of real concern; there’s a war on math; there’s a war on merit; there’s a war on human decency. I remember you were talking about the Golden Rule the other day, and it’s not being applied anymore. People are being differentiated. They’re being divided, and that’s something parents just don’t want to see happening to their kids in their lives.”

Another parent in the Fairfax County school district, Gary Aiken, blasted the district itself after Omeish’s comments, saying on Fox & Friends, “I think it’s important for your viewers to know that Abrar Omeish’s comments here are incendiary comments, are not the first example of divisive and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Several weeks ago, she posted vile anti-Semitic tweets on her social accounts, which were linked to her official non-partisan Fairfax County School Board page, where she called Israel an apartheid colonizer that desecrates the Holy Land and kills Palestinians. And this caused huge outrage amongst over 250,000 Jewish Americans here in Northern Virginia and it sparked outrage across all political lines, and there were calls for her to apologize. She offered no apology. She doubled down on it.”

“All of this was done on the final day of Ramadan, when she could have called for tolerance, when she could have called for dialogue, and instead she chose words that drove division,” he continued. “So it’s no surprise that at a graduation, albeit disgusting, that she chose to drive further division.”

The Fox & Friends host mentioned the Fairfax County School Board defended Omeish’s right to speak, claiming her personal views did not represent the views of the school board, then pointed out Omeish’s previous actions, asking Aikman, “Didn’t the school board know that this was exactly what they were going to get when this woman spoke?”

“Absolutely,” Aiken replied. “And to say that school board members don’t represent the school board when they’re at official school functions, like a commencement ceremony, is absurd. And it doesn’t stop there: the speaker who introduced her as a Libyan-American. She’s a U.S. citizen; she was born here. Before that, she refused to put her hand over her heart for the Pledge of Allegiance.”

He claimed, “She’s refused at other ceremonies to stand for junior ROTC cadets, and during the Pledge of Allegiance at Justice High School’s commencement, they changed the words in the Pledge from ‘under God’ to ‘under Allah.’ So the idea that not of this was sanctioned, none of this was pre-approved, that nobody proofread her speech and said, ‘Maybe you should moderate here,’ ‘Maybe the world jihad doesn’t belong,’ the idea that nobody read the speech and nobody went over any of these other things that happened at the commencement, that angered parents rightly, was not reviewed, is just absurd on its face.”

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