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MTV News Writer Rips Sessions Over Asian Granddaughter: ‘Kindly Return This Asian Baby to Toys R Us’

By  Ben Shapiro

The left ardently desires to paint all Republicans as racist – none more so than Trump Attorney General appointment Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL). Sessions has been hit with allegations of racism over and over. He’s got actual racist Al Sharpton protesting him. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) is scheduled to testify against Sessions, presumably on the basis of race (and because Booker is preparing to run for president in 2020).

But the left’s ardor for the “racism” charge doesn’t stop with Sessions. It affects even his grandchildren. Here’s MTV News culture writer Ira Madison III:

The girl in question is Sessions’ granddaughter. Madison acknowledged that, then said, “Why is she a prop? Sessions argued for policy that in the 1880s was used to discriminate against Asian Americans. There is no reason for that child to be in his lap in a hearing other than to send an ‘I’m not racist message.’ In fact, Americans have long used Asian-Americans as ‘model minorities’ since the rise of the civil rights act. Sessions has shown horrendous anti-black behavior. His love for an Asian family member does not dissuade that.”

In other words, sure Sessions’ granddaughter is Asian, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t secretly hate Asians and everyone else who isn’t white!

This is disgusting. Sessions has always been tough on illegal immigration and in favor of heavy restrictions on legal immigration. That’s not race-specific or race-centric. As for the aesthetic of a granddaughter sitting on Sessions’ lap during the hearing, is that supposed to be offputting or politically gauche? Because I seem to remember this picture from Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House:

And this picture of Hillary Clinton during the campaign:

This isn’t the first time leftists have attacked a Republican for the sin of cross-racial grandchildren. In December 2013, an entire MSNBC panel mocked the Romney family for having a black grandchild:

Melissa Harris Perry was then forced to apologize on air. But this is how many on the left feel: Republicans aren’t allowed to have cross-racial relatives or friends, because they’re obviously terrible racists.

Or perhaps they’re not terrible racists.

Perhaps the terrible racists are the people who think that anyone who disagrees with them must be incapable of racial acceptance – the people who connect race and politics inextricably.

People who make jokes about Asian dolls from Toys R Us, for example.

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