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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Suggests Republicans Hate Biden Because He Was VP To ‘The Black President’
"Disinformation" Episode 110 -- Pictured: Joy Reid
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MSNBC host Joy Reid said she doesn’t know why Republicans “hate” President Joe Biden, suggesting it could be due to him serving as vice president to “the black president,” referring to former President Barack Obama.

Reid made the comment during her MSNBC “ReidOut” program on Wednesday during a panel discussion.

Biden “has become for Republicans as much of a sort of figure of hatred, a hate object, as President Obama was. You know, the black president. Like, he was his vice president, maybe that’s part of it. I don’t know what it is,” Reid said.

Reid also claimed Biden is a moderate, referring to the president as an “ordinary Democrat.”

“But this is the like the most sort of norm, core Democrat ever. He’s a moderate, you know, sort of ordinary Democrat. There’s nothing outrageous about him, but they have cast him as some sort of demonic character,” she added.

The claim that Republicans oppose Biden due to racism because of his association with Obama is one of several comments about race made by Reid in recent weeks.

The Daily Wire recently reported about a monologue by Reid last week that referred to Republicans as “a party of selfish people who cannot play well with others.” The article noted Reid stating:

“They’re white, so-called Christian conservatives who feel like this country was built by them, for them. Their party, the Republicans,” is merely “a party of selfish people who cannot play well with others,” said Reid in her opening monologue. “They even have their own cable networks.”

She then compared Christian conservatives to a classic “Star Trek” character named Charlie, whom she described as an “annoying alien incel who destroys everything around him when he doesn’t get his way.”

Reid claimed that white, Christian conservatives wrongly believe the country is being taken away from them. “A certain percentage of Americans feel like the country used to focus on them and fixate on them, and they were the main character. And now that they feel that they’re not the main character, and they don’t always win, and they don’t get to do what they want, and they don’t get to have their way, it’s all an outrage. It’s all a crime. Everything must be overturned. so it goes back to the way they thought it should be,” she said in a stream-of-consciousness.

Reid also ripped podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan during a bizarre rant against conservatives regarding vaccines, claiming he said “it was okay” to not wear a mask and even attack clerks.

“I don’t want to wear a mask, and if you try to make me, I’ll attack the low-waged clerks at the store or at the Burger King. And I don’t want to get vaccinated either. People get sick from me? Oh well, not my problem. Joe Rogan said it was fine,” Reid said.

“My kids aren’t going to mask up to protect those other kids. F those other kids; their parents are probably commies anyway,” she added.

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