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MSNBC Host: Don’t Show Female Terrorist in Hijab, It’s Racist

Melissa Harris-Perry can now be deemed as the most obnoxious leftist (as if there is any other kind) anchor on MSNBC—completely eclipsing the always-angry Chris Matthews with her latest absurd complaint: why in the hell is there a picture of the murderous, radical Islamic terrorist wearing her hijab on the cover of the liberal New York Times?!

Apparently, equating the face of a terrorist (with her hijab on) with terrorism is terribly racist.

Harris-Perry clearly has contempt for the American people unless they are full-blown socialistic victims like her, (mind you, she’s a profiteer of this “evil” capitalist society she distains). Her beef was that the picture of the female terrorist, Tashfeen Malik, was wearing her hijab, which exposed her Islamic faith, thus exposing radical Islam as the face of modern-day terrorism. And that’s a no-no for liberals.

Harris-Perry and one of her panelists, Linda Sarsour of the Arab American Association of New York, lamented over how disturbing and “outrageous” it was for New York Times to have posted pictures of the killers’ apartment and a picture of the female terrorist with her hijab on since this somehow this is misleading or misrepresentative of what terrorism actually “looks like.” Somehow?

Partial transcript provided by NewsBusters:

MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY: The resistance to using terrorism, for example, to talk about Charleston or to talk about, even, the Planned Parenthood shooting, versus the willingness, Linda, to talk about it when in fact shooters are also people who are Muslim.

LINDA SARSOUR: I mean, it’s deja vu for me every time the perpetrators end up being Muslim. We went from immediately knowing from eye-witnesses that they were three white males. Which by the way multiple witnesses–three medium-built, heavy-built white males–and let’s not even go there. And then you were talking about gun control, and Think Progress went all over the Republican candidates about “thoughts and prayers,” not fixing the law.

And then all of a sudden we find out they’re Muslim. Bam–gun violence is out of the question. We start talking about terrorism. And I’m extremely disturbed. I looked at the New York Times cover today. There you have a whole op-ed on gun control. Great. Right next to it is pictures from the apartment of things that I have in my house.

HARRIS-PERRY: Yes-s-s-s!

SARSOUR: These are things that all Muslims had their house. There’s nothing about that that tells you a story about what terrorism looks like. So you’re telling me that when my friends who are not Muslim come into my home and see a Koran on see frames on the wall with a scripture from my religion, is that supposed to tell you something? I mean, it’s absolutely outrageous. We would never do that to anyone. We didn’t do that to Dear, we didn’t do that to Roof. I’m tired of the double standards of how we treat Muslims when they are the perpetrators.

HARRIS-PERRY: That image, and also right next to it an image of the shooting suspect there in hijab. And the idea that, okay, this is what terrorism looks like, I, for me, there is a difference, and it is a material and meaningful difference, in how we, so on the one hand again, I want to be able to talk about what the thing is that is terrorism, but on the other hand, I have to reflect that this happens only for specific communities.

Harris-Perry must have left her contempt for the terrorists who disgustingly murdered 14 innocent American citizen somewhere backstage; not once did the host express concern over the victims, because the victims in her mind were seemingly the terrorists—probably treated poorly by the Islamophobic citizenry of America.

After all, as The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro has previously pointed out: “You are the real terrorist. Yes, you, law-abiding American.

But this is a trend of course, not a sole nutty TV anchor; everything is racist to the left when it comes from the right—or in this case, even from the left! They are perpetually offended and expressive of their contempt for backward, nonsensical accounts of one-sided “racism.” And where real contempt should lie is hard to find.