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MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes Goes On Offense: ‘Stop Apologizing To The Liberal Lynch Mob’

By  Frank Camp

On Monday, MRCTV uploaded the latest installment of “Reality Check” with Brittany Hughes, and this time she was on fire.

The title of the video was “Dear Sane People: Stop Apologizing to the Liberal Lynch Mob.”

Country music singer Shania Twain actually apologized on Sunday for saying that if she had been an American, she would have voted for Trump. That’s literally all she said, and she was bullied into apologizing for it. She’s Canadian. She didn’t even actually vote for Trump. She just said that of the two choices, she would have. And the Left flipped out so much that she felt she had to apologize for stating her own personal opinion. When was the last time you heard of a celebrity being forced to apologize for voting for a Democrat?

And Shania’s not the only one. Former NFL kicker Jay Feely posted an innocent photo to Twitter over the weekend of him standing between his daughter and her prom date while holding a handgun, and joking that he hoped that his daughter would have an awesome time at the dance.

After noting that Feely’s joke was as old as time, and that cavemen probably made the same joke with clubs instead of guns, she continued:

But cue the Left and their total lack of humor who flipped out on this poor guy so bad that he had to come back and issue a formal apology on Twitter for offending anybody for making a joke that guys have literally written songs about.

This is where Hughes kicks into high gear, saying that one cannot apologize to those who do not truly want an apology:

Now that is two people who have been bullied into apologizing last weekend alone simply for saying something that hurt some liberal’s feelings. The problem is that this has become a pattern.

Laura Ingraham apologized to David Hogg a few weeks ago for the crime of saying that he had whined about a college rejection letter. He publicly rejected her apology, continued his boycott against her show’s advertisers, then moved the goalpost and demanded that she apologize to anyone she has ever offended, like LeBron James.

So now here’s a suggestion – stop apologizing to this liberal lynch mob. Just stop it. You could grovel until Jesus comes back and it would not be enough because they don’t want your apology, they want your total surrender. Don’t give it to them.

Here’s the bottom line – particularly if you are a conservative. They don’t hate what you said or what you tweeted. They hate who you are; they hate the town that you grew up in, and the flag that you wave, and the values that you live by. They hate the guns that you own, the God that you believe in. They love the First Amendment, but they hate that you have it. They hate you. So stop apologizing. Stop bending over backwards to appease people who are going to despise you no matter what, and who are going to get butt hurt every time you scratch your nose in some way that they don’t like because they are looking to be offended. That is a big fat load of their problem, not yours.

To conclude the video, Hughes lists everything she stands for that might offend progressives:

There’s a reason that we have freedom of speech in this country, and it’s so that you can say something that might ruffle their feathers without having to bend down and lick their boots afterward. So here’s how it should be. I’ll go first.

I believe that the Constitution applies today just as much as it did on the day it was written. I believe abortion is murder. I believe there are two genders, and you are what you were born as. I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. I believe that capitalism is the most successful economic system, and socialism is total crap. I believe modern feminism is insulting. I believe bakers should be able to refuse to make cakes for gay weddings. I believe kids should be allowed to pray in schools, and I believe that Chick-fil-A is delicious.

I believe the Second Amendment allows ordinary citizens to be just as armed as the military, and if you break into my home I’m going to call the cops, not for help, but to come collect your body. I believe most police officers are good. I believe America has been, and is still, the greatest country that has ever existed on the face of this planet, and I believe that if you looked at the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and you went with Trump, you don’t owe an explanation, much less an apology, to anyone. And I am not sorry.

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