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Mother Touts Transgender 3-Year-Old ‘Son’ to Media

For some time now, left-wing media outlets have been equating the push for so-called transgender “rights” with the exploitation of children. This week, Reuters featured New York City mother Jody Patterson and her eight-year-old daughter Penelope, whom Patterson said began living as a transgender “boy” at the ripe old age of three.

“Why are you so angry?” Patterson said she asked her three-year-old. “And he had a very clear answer to that, which was because everyone thinks I’m a girl. And I’m not. So I thought, I said sure, Penelope, however you feel inside is fine. It’s what inside counts. And then Penelope looked at me and said, no, mama, I don’t feel like a boy, I am a boy.”

After that conversation with her toddler, Patterson began to treat her biologically female child as if she were a boy.

Reuters noted that “some clinicians who work with transgender children have concluded that when kids persistently identify as the non-conforming gender, the best course is to socially transition or live as the other gender, even at age three.”

Of course, dissenting voices say there is devastating harm in enabling such sexual confusion of a young child, as research shows that a significant number of such children grow out of their gender dysphoria, which has been suggested to be upwards of 80 percent. In fact, a number of adults who “transitioned” as youths are coming forward to sound the alarm on such behavior from the so-called “transgender cult.” Now living with broken voice boxes, scarred chests and massive depression, they warn against such trans indoctrination.

To their credit, Reuters also made note of such concern from professionals in the field. “[A] significant, though undetermined percentage, will revert back to the natal gender. They see potential harm in putting a teenager through a second transition,” says Reuters reporter Daniel Trotter.

Patterson says her daughter has not “transitioned” in the physical sense, other than a hair cut, yet.

“I wasn’t prepared to say no. I wasn’t prepared to tell Penelope that his identity wasn’t true and I wasn’t prepared to lose my kid,” says the mother.

In another recent example of the leftist media pushing unscientific transgenderism on the youth, National Geographic’s January 2017 issue features a transgender nine-year-old on its cover. The issue focuses on the “gender revolution.”

Meanwhile, a recent survey from National Center for Transgender Equality found that 40 percent of trans people have attempted suicide, whereas the general population is sitting at just 4.6 percent. In other words, people who suffer from gender dysphoria, or confusion about their gender, are over eight times more likely than non-trans folks to attempt suicide. The survey looked at the largest sampling of transgender people to date.

But remember, people like Jody Patterson are tolerant and accepting, while those who hesitate to mainstream what psychologists have diagnosed as a mental disorder, especially pertaining to children, are hateful bigots.

To view the Reuters report, click here.

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