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The Most Subversive Movie of the Year: ‘London Has Fallen’

By  John Nolte

Try to imagine a big-budgeted, mainstream Hollywood studio film packed with stars like Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler, Melissa Leo, Aaron Eckhart, Robert Forster, and Angela Bassett, where the following occurs after our hero finally gets his hands on the Islamic arch-terrorist…

You know what you a**holes don’t get? *face punch* We’re not a f***ing building! *face punch* We’re not a f***ing flag! *face punch* We’re not just one man! *face punch* A**holes like you have been trying to kill us for a long f***king time. But you know what? *face punch* A thousand years from now, we’ll still f***king be here! *face punch, drop terrorist to the ground*

…this actually happens in “London Has Fallen,” the $60 million sequel to the pleasant surprise that was 2013’s “Olympus Has Fallen.”

Even though I very much enjoyed “Olympus,” for a number of reasons I missed “London” when it hit theatres back in March. But now that this tight actioner is available on Netflix, or to rent, I cannot recommend it more.

If you haven’t already seen it, if for no other reason, do so just to support the rare insurgent production that openly and proudly rebels against establishment political correctness, and does so by portraying Islamic terrorist savages as they really are. If that doesn’t convince you, take a look at the delicious outrage “London” caused to erupt within the snowflake critical community:

“Donald Trump in long form,” she fumed!

“Racist” and “stupid,” he crybabied!

“Casually xenophobic,” he puffed!

Insensitively timed,” he huffed!

“Jingoistic,” he sneered!

“Represents a geopolitical obliteration fantasy flushed from the mind of the angriest and dumbest and most conspiracy-minded among us,” he pronounced!

Of course, “London Has Fallen” is none of that. What it is, is what most repels Leftists, an unapologetic, pro-American piece of moral clarity; a movie that exposes terrorist barbarians as naked evil, a movie not at all interested in their squealing rationales and pathetic grievances.

They started this war and Mike Banning is darn well gunna finish it.

The best part is that “London” is a top-notch action movie, a tightly-plotted, unpretentious, 80’s-style shoot-’em-up that effortlessly moves from one spectacular action scene to another. After terrorists cripple London, it is up to Secret Service Agent Banning to protect the American president (Eckhart) and lead him to safety through a city infested with terrorists.

It’s just that simple.

The film is what most repels Leftists, an unapologetic, pro-American piece of moral clarity…

But there is so much more going on because this is a movie with something to say, and as you saw above, that something invaded the morally-illiterate safe spaces of all the right people. And it is just not a movie about the evils of Islamic terrorism. “London” is also about fidelity to duty, sacrifice, honor, fatherhood, friendship, and that our country is an idea worth dying for. Better still, it is all wrapped in a masculine package. This is a metrosexual-free zone.

At times, it may be a bit simplistic, but the simplicity is delivered with the kind of in-your-face belligerence that makes my heart sing.

So maybe sometime this weekend you can take a break from shoveling away all the Global Warming to gather the family together to enjoy a delicious piece of what, in this current environment of moral equivalence and hyper-sensitivity, is truly a piece of brave and subversive filmmaking.

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